why we like fatty foods, sex and sports


Studies have shown that during orgasm, the same dopamine is also released. However, the pleasure of orgasm is stronger than that of dessert. What is the reason?

“Orgasm is a multifaceted experience with different sensory, emotional and other rewarding components,” explains David Linden. “This is a unique transcendental experience. In orgasm, we perceive all aspects of it together. “

In addition to the intense but rather short-term pleasure of orgasm (25 seconds for women and 15 for men), there is also post-orgasmic pleasure. This state is an essential element in strengthening relationships in a couple. This is partly due to the release of the hormone oxytocin from the pituitary gland, which is under the control of the hypothalamus.

Oxytocin is involved in many attachment mechanisms, and not just after orgasm. For example, the release of this hormone occurs during childbirth and breastfeeding, which forms and strengthens the mother-child bond.


With food and sex, everything is clear. But how can regular exercise be enjoyable, since it is often associated with unpleasant physical sensations and even pain? However, you have probably heard more than once the confessions of those who, after a good run, feel better and more cheerful. The secret is that regular exercise creates a large number of changes in the brain – for example, it activates the growth and development of small blood vessels, as well as the process of creating new nerve cells.

In addition, physical activity produces quick short-term effects that last 1–2 hours: increased pain thresholds, reduced anxiety, and so-called runner euphoria.

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