why doesn’t everyone want it?

Many people think that children are the meaning of life. But does everyone agree with this statement? According to a study by the NAFI Analytical Center, 46% of Russians surveyed, for one reason or another, are not going to have a child.one… Most refer to the precarious financial situation. Someone is lonely and cannot or does not want to look for a partner, while someone is simply not going to give up career prospects.

What is the real reason for this reluctance?

The percentage of women who do not want to have children is higher than the percentage of men. Perhaps the fact is that now we have more opportunities to live for ourselves. This social phenomenon is associated not only with the economic turbulence characteristic of our time, but also with the desire of people to get as much from life as possible, as well as the belief that children can become an obstacle to achieving various life goals.

This opinion is especially common among potential mothers. This is not surprising. For many centuries it was believed that a woman who did not give birth to at least one child is inferior. Now this stereotype is becoming more and more a thing of the past. A woman has the opportunity to support herself, take care of herself. Having a husband is no longer a guarantee of her well-being.

Many people are, in principle, pragmatic. They explain their reluctance by the fact that they will not be able to provide their children with a decent standard of living. It should be noted that the very concept of a decent standard of living has changed over the years. Now children are born not in order to ensure their old age or to have one more working hands. In a child-centered society, children are more of a luxury than a necessity.

Many cite environmental problems and overpopulation as the causes. They believe that there are too many people on the planet.

“Women have the opportunity to choose”

Ekaterina Klochkova, family systemic therapist

In each case, the answers to the question “why?” may be different. Let’s try to analyze what influences the situation today.

1. Female emancipation

Although the situation with women’s rights is far from ideal, over the past 100-50 years, opportunities for women’s self-realization, not related to childbirth, have significantly expanded. The relationship between self-esteem and successful household management has become more fragile and less unconditional. Women now have the opportunity to choose what they like and what suits them best, without blindly obeying social pressure.

2.The crisis of the institution of marriage

Now marriage with one partner is not considered as a project for life – if only because the statistics of divorce, and simply observing the bad experiences of their friends, can warn impressionable and responsible people from the hasty establishment of offspring.

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