Why do we need emotions?

If we do not care, we will not do anything, because there is no energy. There is one problem with the motivational function. The general regularity of our psyche is a struggle of motives, when directly opposite aspirations come into conflict, which is why there is a lot of energy, but it is partially used to suppress the “wrong” stimuli. Do you know the emotional situation when you want to buy something, but at the same time the price is very high, or you need to make a choice of one thing out of five, for example? But I really want to buy …

Marking needs. Emotions are closely related to needs, and their third function (connected with the first two) is to provide a person with energy to satisfy a particular need and assess how this satisfaction occurs. For example, an unmet need for security is “marked” by fear (if the threat is obvious and understandable) or anxiety (there is a threat, but it is not clear what), fear and anxiety mobilize energy to counter the threat (most often through control).

Shame points to a bottomless hole in terms of the impossibility of satisfying the need to accept oneself by other people, anger – to a sudden obstacle to the satisfaction of certain desires. We may not be aware of the need, but at the same time experience the emotions associated with it – this is the “labeling” of needs.

Emotions can be simple or complex. Simple emotions are primary, simple experiences, while complex emotions are composed of several simple ones (and they are often called “feelings”).

Simple emotions include: fear, anger, disgust, sadness, shame, guilt, tenderness, joy, satisfaction, curiosity, surprise, gratitude. Behind each of this emotion lies the assessment of the situation, motivation for a certain action, marking of the need.

Fear: danger / avoidance of threat / need for security.

Guilt: I did something bad / make up for my guilt / need to be accepted by others.

Gratitude: Something good was done to me / to reward a benefactor / need for relationships with other people. And so on. Simple emotions can easily be translated into action.

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