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“It would seem that people should not“ bite the hand that feeds them, ”but the research results show just such a trend. Most people prefer equality in relations, they don’t like to depend on another, ”says the author of the study, sociologist Christine Munch.

Munch gives the following figures: on average, the probability of betraying a woman who is completely financially dependent on her husband reaches 5% per year, and a man who is completely dependent on her wife – 15%.

“If a man is not a getter in the family, he feels a threat to his masculinity and tries to assert himself through extramarital sex. For men, especially young people, the concept of masculinity is closely related to sexual victories and a large number of partners. Moreover, by changing, the man moves away from the partner providing him and, as it were, punishes her, ”Münsch says.

Husbands and wives react to financial addiction in the same way, but behave differently in the role of earner

The results are based on an analysis of the data of the American National multi-year study, which involved 2750 married men and women aged 18 to 32 years.

It is noted that both husbands and wives react equally to financial dependence, but behave differently in the role of earner. The greater the share of a woman’s total family income, the less prone to cheating. When a wife fully supports the family, the probability of her betrayal is minimal.

Researchers point out that for a woman, the role of the earner contradicts the expectations of society, and in order to reduce internal discomfort, she often compensates for this by belittling her achievements, obeying her husband, keeping him faithful, and working more at home.

Men who are completely dependent on their wives are most prone to cheating. The risk of adultery decreases as their contribution to family income grows. But when this indicator reaches 70% – that is, a man begins to earn more – his tendency to infidelity again goes up.

“These men understand that wives are so dependent on them that they are likely to be forced to turn a blind eye to infidelity. It is also possible that they are looking for another partner with a large income close to their own. And yet, the most unexpected thing in the study is that financially dependent men are more prone to betrayal than earners who contain their wives, ”Münsch concludes.

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