Who are psychopaths?

This is the behavior of social psychopaths. Like antisocial psychopaths, they lack social motives. If they feel jealousy and envy of someone, and this happens very often, no moral standards can stop them.

But they retain control over their behavior. They are not impulsive, their actions are orderly and calculating. They know well how to behave in order not to cause condemnation. At the same time, social psychopaths can commit heinous crimes against people that do not cause them personal hostility. The main thing is that nothing threatens them themselves.

Monsters emerged from their ranks, torturing and killing completely defenseless people in concentration camps. In the difficult conditions of war, it turns out that there are many more people without social motives than we could have imagined. They sincerely consider their readiness to carry out immoral orders to be conscientious fulfillment of duty, and the order itself is an excuse for any behavior.

Moreover, what they do does not cause any inner conflict in their souls! In particular, during the trial of the head of the Gestapo department, Adolf Eichmann, it turned out that this boring and orderly official was quite calmly carrying out mass genocide, although his victims did not cause him personal hostility. Eichmann is a typical representative of social psychopaths.

What can we contrast with psychopathy? Parents need to remember that social motives begin to form from early childhood if children feel a warm attitude towards them and if they are expected to receive warmth from them.

A close emotional connection with those to whom children are attached – with parents and grandparents – and the desire for these close people to love them, and not just take care of them, contribute to the development of social motives. If the child’s need to make someone pleasant and empathy for others is constantly supported and approved by loved ones, the chances of developing psychopathy are minimized.

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