Who are functional alcoholics

What is a “functional alcoholic”?

The main difference between the “ordinary” and the functional (they also say “highly functional”) alcoholic is the degree of negative impact of alcoholism on a particular person. In fact, functional alcoholics do not fit into the stable image of drunken drunks, because on the outside they are decent people. They are doing well at work, family, social life, sometimes even more than wonderful, but they are addicted to alcohol.

Does he, too, suffer from alcoholism?

Yes and no. Functioning does not mean not being an alcoholic at all. Functional alcoholism is more dangerous than outright drunkenness, although it seems harmless. Such a drinker tends to deny the problem, and it is difficult for loved ones to admit that it is becoming a disaster.

As a rule, such people try to highlight their success and well-being as proof that everything is in order, even if they abuse alcohol. They do not consider exceeding the norm as a problem until they slip to the stage of “lost everything to alcohol.” Moreover, such a person is usually surrounded by sympathizers who indulge his addiction, which further justifies the craving for alcohol.

Has alcoholism become fashionable?

Recently, friendly parties with heavy drinks and “happy hours” of discounts on spirits in various establishments have become very popular – alcohol is indeed becoming a disguised fashion trend.

A recent article in the American Huffington Post explains how “alcohol has become a staple addition to bacon and eggs, and restaurants have begun vying to offer discounts on bottomless cocktails to lure customers.” Figuratively speaking, if earlier drinking marked Friday evening, now it is in the order of things to celebrate Sunday morning in the same way.

New words are invented to justify the love of alcohol

In the Urban Dictionary of English slang, the concept of “alcoholic” appeared. It stands for “Fundamentally different from an alcoholic. Alcoholics are not addicted to alcohol. They drink excessively solely in order to achieve euphoria, which usually means passing out and the next morning with difficulty remembering the events of yesterday evening. ” In essence, he is an alcoholic in denial.

Sadly, booze is becoming a cult, which means that it is all the more important to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol and not slide into addiction. If you’re wondering, “How much is too much?” Read about the signs of alcoholism and set hard limits.

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