When “bad words” are good for the psyche

When “bad words” are good for the psyche KNOW YOURSELF

Do you fight while driving? And when your mobile slips out of your hand and falls to the floor, or if the last bus has left in front of your nose? I am. Moreover, I am ready to justify why in some situations it is much safer to swear and after a minute forget about the situation that caused anger than to keep feelings in oneself.

Of course, the code must be respected, as Ostap Bender said. It is also always important to express yourself in accordance with the speech situation. Simply put, it is not customary to speak publicly taboo words in society. But, in addition to profanity, the language has enough other curses. So what does the use of swear words give us?

1. Free yourself from tension

We know that suppressed emotions can be harmful to the psyche and health. Moreover, bypassing awareness, they manifest themselves in actions. What does it mean? For example, a person got angry, suppressed his anger and decided to make a salad. But the body is in tension, the hand with the knife makes an unnecessary movement – and a cut. Or someone held back their rage at the driver who cut him off, and the tension went into the leg – and pressed the gas harder than necessary, hit someone’s bumper.

At the University of Kiel, an experiment was conducted with volunteers who held their hands in ice water. It turned out that those who were allowed to use profanity in the process could endure longer than those who were silently in pain.

Interestingly, no substitutions and fake curses had such an effect. The psyche cannot be deceived, only certain words help to get rid of tension, the meaning of which is really perceived by us as “abusive”.

We know from childhood that it is not good to pronounce them. Perhaps the relief that we feel after such an expression of emotions is associated with the sweet feeling of sin, violation of the prohibition. We were pissed off, and we not only expressed our experience: “Oh, how angry I am!”, But performed some aggressive action, choosing strong expressive words for this.

But don’t abuse it. Citing a recent study, clinical psychologist Lauren Soeyo argues that the overuse of swear words in everyday life reduces their “therapeutic” effect. Simply put, if a person “speaks foul language”, then at an emotional moment these words will no longer help him to get rid of unnecessary negativity.


2. Express emotions

An experiment was carried out in 1966. Baby chimpanzees began to be raised as a deaf and mute child, teaching him sign language. In particular, by pointing to the primate’s excrement, the researchers were able to teach him the word with the conventional meaning of “dirty”.

After some time, in situations where other chimpanzees threw poop in anger, this male made do with a gesture to show the experimenter his displeasure. That is, he realized that it was possible to express anger without getting into a potentially dangerous fight.

We are higher primates and in the development of language have advanced much further than this chimpanzee. We have speech, and in the language of any nation there are abusive words and expressions. Perhaps it’s not a bad thing that in many conflict situations, to indicate our feelings, we can get by with them, and not swing our fists and throw excrement.

3. Feel closeness

As strange as it sounds, this effect is also possible. Most still do not allow themselves to swear in front of strangers. This means that if a friend in some situation allowed himself an uncharacteristic word for him, he in a sense opened up, showed the strength of his emotions. And your consent will make him feel that he is understood and accepted even with such “bad” feelings.

The Russian language is really rich, and in the vocabulary of everyone who speaks it from birth there are words that help express irritation, annoyance, anger and other feelings. And almost everyone has their own favorite word or expression. Their use is sometimes useful, but should be reasonable and appropriate to the situation.

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