what women and why do not need feminism

The feminist movement, which emerged more than a hundred years ago, has shaken the centuries-old structure of the Western world: in addition to responsibilities, women have rights. However, the bright future, in which no one refuses a woman to work due to the fact that she will soon go on maternity leave, and the wages correspond to those of men, is still far away.

It would seem that today women themselves should be interested in equality with men, but, according to pollsone, feminism in our country is supported by only a third of the female population. Why is this happening and what makes many of us distance ourselves from our own gender?

Have not read, but condemn?

Many women in Russia are in no hurry to sign up for feminists, fearing the disapproval of others. Feminism in our country is often considered something unnecessary, and feminists – aggressive, untidy and unhappy.

The concern of potential activists is partly justified: as soon as you call yourself a feminist, you will have to prove that it is not a lack of male attention or trauma from a partner. At the same time, the media scare the future, for which feminism allegedly advocates: women – in mines, in dictionaries – feminitives (“authors” and “bloggers” scare many). But such ideas have little to do with reality.

Feminism (not to be confused with matriarchy) is a movement for women’s rights, against their discrimination. This means that women should not have less political, economic and civil rights just because they are women.

The ideas of feminism deserve attention, if only because it gives freedom to choose how to live, how to look and what principles to follow: to be a housewife or strive up the career ladder. Give birth or be childfree. But behind the information noise, these voices are almost inaudible. Hence the extremes.

A split in the ranks

“In modern society, women have laid down more than it is possible to pull one: you need to be beautiful, educated, raise children with high quality, and at the same time work,” says psychoanalyst Elizaveta Knyazeva. – The psyche of those who could not withstand such pressure chooses one of the roles and begins to desperately defend it, as if justifying their inability to pull all the roles at once. And the world of women split: someone chose to be only beautiful and turned it into an extreme, someone was mired in all-consuming motherhood, someone decided to compete with men, denying the female essence.

The triumph of women’s solidarity in this state of affairs seems to be a utopia. As soon as we (men and women) see a sluggish woman driving or a defiant-looking girl, misogyny (misogyny) comes to the fore. Feminists call women’s hostility towards women internal misogyny.

One of its manifestations is the desire of some women to distance themselves from others with phrases like “All women are fools”, “I’m not like that”, “It’s more interesting with men”. They try to join the male community and get its approval, but they only make it worse, once again confirming the opinion of the supporters of the patriarchy that a woman is nothing without a man.

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