what will she tell you about your married life?

After all, if your goal is just to get married, you can do it together. With or without a dress, at home or on the road, with a photographer and cameraman or away from prying eyes. If you decide to organize a whole holiday, invite people, then you need to understand why. Then you can more easily answer the questions of when, how and where. And for all the rest – in style, budget and organizer.

Once you have decided on your goals, think about what the wedding should be like in order to achieve the goal. What is most important, what tasks should be solved at the event? After all, you can achieve vivid memories by flying away together to a new place, and by doing something unusual in your city. And you can cause admiration and envy without holding a wedding at all, but simply by arranging a professional photo session in an exclusive wedding dress and a chic place.

But to get to know their relatives, they will have to gather all together and organize a feast and interaction in such a way, give instructions to the master of ceremonies or the host, so that everyone can talk to everyone. And you can have fun with friends in different ways, the main thing is that everyone understands the same thing by the word “fun”.

Having come to an agreement on the goals and objectives of the wedding, it’s time to discuss the concept and style with the groom. Professional wedding organizers will offer interesting ideas that meet the goals and objectives of your celebration. I highly recommend contacting them, even if you decide to invite only a dozen guests.

Someone will still have to keep track of the timing, communicate with the restaurant, be in charge of the music, give the floor to congratulators, collect everyone for a photo, or give instructions to the operator. And it is better if it is not you or friends or relatives who have come to rest.

Wedding budget

It will be easy for you to discuss wedding expenses with the groom if you reached an agreement on the family budget in the previous step. This is your first family event, and should be budgeted for as you would for any other family event. The same applies to the purchase of wedding dresses and jewelry.

As you discuss the concept of an upcoming event or guest list, you will see how decisions are actually made in your couple. Don’t worry if the groom leaves the decisions about the place, decor, menu, or music to you. If you agreed on the main thing – the goals and objectives of the holiday, discussed and agreed with the organizer on the concept as a whole – the details no longer matter for a man, unless, of course, they have a critical impact on the overall budget of the event.

The most important thing is to maintain your warm relationship during the preparation period and help love grow and grow stronger, including in wedding memories. Therefore, treat your wedding preparations as an important, significant, but not scary event. Like a vacation – anticipating, rejoicing and choosing the details of your trip.

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