What is the difference between love and friendship?

What is the difference between love and friendship?

It is difficult to answer this question, and yet we feel that there is a difference. Let’s try to figure out what is about

1. Love usually occurs between two. Yes, relationships can exist in many ways, but as a rule, we want the only partner. If we love several partners at the same time, we are condemned. Unlike love, friendship can unite many different people: you can be friends with at least ten people and not feel shame and guilt at the same time.

2. Lovers are firmly connected to each other. If one feels bad, the other suffers too. If a loved one is happy, we rejoice with him. Someone else’s experiences and emotions are felt as if they were your own, and you want to give everything so that your loved one feels good. Of course, friends also feel our pain and share our joy, but they are not so keenly aware of our states and not so actively join our emotions.

3. Falling in love and love are accompanied by bodily reactions. When we meet the object of our passion, the heart literally jumps out of the chest, palms sweat, we feel intense excitement. When we meet with friends, we are happy, but nevertheless, there is no need to pacify the butterflies in the stomach. In addition, love is always associated with physical attraction, but in friendship (if it is just friendship, and not love, which is disguised as it) there is no such thing.

4. Love often begins with a note of insanity. It is unlikely that you will dream at night about an upcoming meeting with a friend and dream about him. And lovers often suffer from “love insomnia” and enjoy dreams about a partner. They fall asleep and wake up with the thought of a loved one. Sometimes they think about each other and in the hustle and bustle of the working day, and at a meeting with friends, and in line for bread. Friends can also experience some obsession, but not with a friend, but with a common goal, ideas, interests.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is the difference between true friendship and love. If you are not sure how you feel about someone, check yourself against this list.

For comparison, remember the moments when you were most definitely in love. Also decide: what do you expect from this person, what do you want from him?

Take a closer look at the friendship, compare how you treat other friends and the subject of possible love. Determine for yourself if you really want to take the relationship to another level.

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