What happens if you stop desperately seeking love

1) you will be less nervous

Agree, dating is tiring – especially when you try to appear in all its glory to impress the person opposite.

But if you stop constantly thinking about the end result, be it a magnificent wedding, or children, or a shared mortgage, or just a regular partner with whom you can wallow in the evenings in front of the TV and periodically have sex, you can enjoy what you have right now. …

2. You will remember yourself

And, maybe, you will finally become “the best version of yourself”, but not for someone else, but for the sake of your own growth and development.

People are attracted to those who enjoy life, so most likely, people around you will be drawn to you, even if you do not make any effort to do so. Such is the paradox.

3. You will stop showing that you need others

In society, people who actively demonstrate their status “in search” are often treated with prejudice: for example, it is believed that such a woman is “hung up on everyone”.

Why we choose emotionally unavailable partners

But as soon as you stop showing that you need others, they, others, will begin to show interest in you.

4) you will begin to notice opportunities

It’s time to put aside the list of qualities that an ideal partner should have – perhaps it is this clear idea that prevents you from meeting someone with whom you will be really good.

5 you will see the difference

Agree, in dire need of a relationship, we often take for interest that which has nothing to do with him. Recognizing the differences is not always easy, and this process should definitely be approached with a clear head. In addition, there is less chance that you will start to force events and thereby scare away potential candidates.

6) you realize that love isn’t all about romance

It so happens that after reading the advice to take a closer look at the environment, we try to turn friendship into “something more” and as a result we simply lose a friend. It might be time to start appreciating friendly love for what it is.

7 you will learn that being alone is okay

Yes, being alone is just as normal as being in a relationship. Most of us are alternately in one status or another, and we must learn to enjoy them equally.

Of course, falling in love with loneliness is not easy, but this is perhaps the only way to know yourself and learn to love your life, regardless of whether there is someone with whom you can share it or not.

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