Unexpected gifts of the outgoing year

The outgoing year has become difficult for many. Someone has lost their job, someone is unable to visit friends or relatives living abroad. Extroverts lack communication with the world around them, and anxious, sensitive people have many new reasons to worry.

In spite of everything, the New Year holidays are approaching. And we try to believe that next year will bring us more joyful moments. When we feel sad, we remind ourselves that change is inevitable, and the current epidemic, like previous ones, will end sooner or later.

What can we thank the past year for?

1 we have learned to enjoy the present

Many were shocked by the global changes associated with the coronavirus epidemic. We had to say goodbye to the illusion that we can control the outside world: sometimes we just need to be patient and get over what is happening. And preferably with the least damage to yourself.

The outgoing year gave us the opportunity to reconsider priorities, to check our own values. We were deprived of the opportunity to travel, but many managed to see the beauty in a seemingly familiar environment. We could not leave our apartments, but many managed to finally spend more time with the children.

Everything flows, everything changes: after summer, autumn always comes, and after winter we enjoy a gentle spring. And since we don’t like the cold, we can just wait until the snowstorm season is over. But if you dream of summer in winter and yearn for winter in summer, not a single season of the year will bring true joy.

Hope for the future can ruin the present if we become too fantasized. The outgoing year has given many people the ability to enjoy the present without looking at the crane in the sky.

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