Typical cheaters – what are they? 8 scientific facts

By and large, it doesn’t matter what to call infidelity – sex on the side or stealthy kisses. Each couple has its own attitude towards this, but betrayal remains betrayal.

Given that adultery is not so rare, it would be nice to learn to identify those for whom cheating is a matter of course, and understand why they do it. Here are eight signs, some of which may seem surprising.

1. There are many rock fans among the cheaters

41% of those who allow themselves relationships on the side prefer rock to other destinations. The rest of the musical preferences are distributed as follows: pop music (16%), country (11%), classical (7%), rap and hip-hop (2%).

2. Female infidelity is much more serious

It is not known who first started the rumor that men have infidelity in their blood, but it does not stand the test of reality: women are no less inclined to it. Female infidelity is more often due to emotional need, male – physiological. In the second case, the chances of saving the union are greater.

3. Many of them do not want to part with a permanent partner

If someone is unfaithful, this does not mean that his relationship with the main partner is bursting at the seams: many are happy with the union and do not think about breaking up. So, according to a survey by Rutgers University, 56% of men and 34% of women who have had affairs on the side say that they are happy with a regular partner.

4. Cheating awakens sexual appetite

According to sexologist Mary Jo Rapini, the sexual instinct can be awakened by cheating, and then the attraction to the spouse will increase. This could be a sign that someone else is on the horizon.

5. Women most often change during ovulation

“Men are showing an increased interest in women who are at their peak, that is, on the day of ovulation and a couple of days before it,” explains University of California researcher Marty Hazelton. This is due to nature: when the body is ready to conceive, the woman feels the need for sex.

6. Men cheat to strengthen their marriage

Family psychologist Susan Mandel argues that many loving husbands think that having an affair on the side will help them save their marriage. Thus, they try to escape from problems: it seems to them that a relationship with another woman will fill the void, and peace will reign in the family.

7. Most often, a passion is found among close acquaintances.

Many take comfort in the thought that if the partner decides to “go left”, he will most likely limit himself to an easy affair. But, as a rule, the object of secret passion becomes permanent and is somewhere nearby, for example, at work. 85% of them are colleagues, friends and neighbors.

8. Cheaters want to be caught

This is not surprising: the need to observe safety measures and the feeling of guilt make life difficult. Psychiatrist, professor at Brown University Scott Haltsman in his book “Secrets of Happy Husbands” writes: “… They seem to deliberately do so that the partner guesses everything. Lipstick on the collar, a letter open on a home computer – traces everywhere. This is often a cry for help. Some are reckless because they want to stop, but they don’t know how. “

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