Throw away all unnecessary


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Throw away all unnecessary

Reflecting on our lives, many of us first of all think about what is lacking in it. Career coach Marty Nemko proposes to do otherwise: first, remove all unnecessary things and only then take on the changes.

By pruning the rose bush, the gardener removes frail shoots so that all vital juices reach the stronger stems. Only in this way he manages to grow magnificent flowers.

When we strive to improve something in our life, most often we are visited by thoughts about what is lacking in it. But sometimes the less, the better: the wise cuts the weak branches. Or we will turn to another metaphor: when a cook fries mushrooms, the water evaporates, which gives the dish a great aroma. In what areas is your life worth “cleaning”?


Could you work more efficiently and with great pleasure if you spent less time on some tasks or even stopped doing them? What if delegated? Change responsibilities with a colleague so that everyone does what they like. Or just give up your unloved activities and free up time for what really captivates.


Think about who should be deleted from the inner circle – at work and in personal life. Suppose that not all relationships can be broken completely, but you can significantly reduce communication with unpleasant people, and it will become easier to live.


Are grocery shopping and daily kitchen chores worth your time and effort? If you exclude from your menu only some dishes – for example, replace complex ones with simple ones, or from time to time order ready-made meals with delivery, time will appear for more important things.


Would you treat yourself differently if you threw away part of your wardrobe? We think we need a decent supply of clothing, but in reality we wear few of our favorite outfits day after day. In addition, if you donate tired or worn clothes to charity, it will become more spacious in cabinets and chests of drawers. All worthwhile things will be in sight, and the problem of “what to wear” will disappear by itself.


It’s embarrassing to refuse volunteers and non-profit foundations, so many of us donate little by little. And since everyone gets crumbs, we don’t feel that we have helped anyone. But if you select one or two organizations that are most trustworthy and help only them, the benefits of donations will be more tangible, and if we refuse the rest, conscience will remain clear.


Actually, he gave rise to the philosophy of simplicity. Some accumulate “goodness” from an unconscious desire to satisfy an emotional need. But in most cases this is just rubbish, and before we can understand this, we manage to grow a bunch of junk, which is very difficult to figure out.

The most effective way to deal with the disorder is to move in small steps. Start with one square meter in one room and mercilessly throw away everything, leaving only the right and valuable. Beware of thoughts like “for the whole year I have never come in handy, but you never know.” Believe me, the advantages of the order outweigh the regrets that you did not leave “that old teddy bear”.

Many of us are too preoccupied with life’s difficulties. But if you remove everything superfluous, life becomes easier, and, more importantly, it has a taste. After all, if you do not peel the nut, you will not know what it is inside.

About the author: Marty Nemko is a personal and career coach.
Prepared by: Elena Anisimova
Photo Source: Getty images

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