Three Phrases Every Girl Should Learn

In conclusion, Barres admitted that one unexpected bonus from gender reassignment for him was the ability to “complete an entire sentence without being interrupted by a man.”

It’s not hard to see why so many men tend to think of themselves as geniuses, whose words have much more validity than women’s. It starts in childhood and never ends. Parents interrupt boys half as often as girls. And they pay less attention to the fact that they follow the rules of politeness.

As they mature, these boys become men who speak longer and more than women – in classrooms, offices, government offices, the media, not to mention faith-based organizations.

Women’s speech does not inspire such confidence; in the eyes of society, she often lacks authority. According to statistics, when a group gathers in a company to solve a work problem, men speak 75% more than women.

This is why, the researchers conclude, “having a seat at the table is not the same as having a voice at the table.” By the way, this often negatively affects the final decision.

Even on television, men are more likely to interrupt their coworkers and take twice as much screen time. The same thing is repeated online – for example, on Twitter, people repost men twice as often as women.

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