This is not magic. This is a “neurosis of fate”

“The super popular trainings or courses in positive thinking actually teach the principles of magical thinking,” agrees Jungian analyst Lev Khegai. – The interest in it is understandable: it is much easier to “catch a wave of luck”, “think with excellent prospects for the development of the Earth”, “send waves of love and acceptance into the world” in the hope of waiting for reciprocity, rather than learn to build relationships with other people, understand their feelings, express your emotions, coping with losses. “

The illusion of omnipotence

Magical thinking is a natural way of thinking for young children who are not yet able to distinguish fantasy from reality. It seems to them that “wanting” and “doing” are one and the same.

“For a baby, the world and his own self are one,” explains psychoanalyst Nancy McWilliams in Psychoanalytic Diagnostics. Understanding the structure of personality in the clinical process ”. – This means that he perceives the source of all events as internal: if he is cold and the mother, noticing this, warms him, the child has the experience of magically obtaining heat by himself. The child is not yet able to realize that control is outside himself – in other (separate from him) people. “

However, growing up, the child comes to terms with the fact that neither he nor any other person has unlimited possibilities. The trace of magical thinking remains in adulthood. Thanks to this feeling of omnipotence experienced in early childhood, we feel a sense of our own competence, we feel our effectiveness.

Often, magical thinking “awakens” in us in those moments when we feel guilty about what happened to someone we know. For example, when a person who we did not love passes away. We feel guilty, as if our thoughts could have provoked his death. The belief that our thoughts can harm other people is also the result of magical thinking. But we are not gods to create the world only by the power of our desire.

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