The second wave of coronavirus: the time of non-standard solutions

Natural selection

The strongest survive in difficult situations. A pandemic is essentially a war, both biological and informational. Millions of people were left without a business and without a job, and not everyone was able to instantly reorient themselves, start a new project and find a new job, especially if the industry was at risk, as happened with tourism or the beauty and entertainment industries.

Economists and sociologists argue that autumn will be more difficult for many than spring. Because in the spring and summer, people still lived on savings in the hope that “soon it will all end.” And now the money has run out, and the economic collapse is of a link nature – we have nothing to pay each other with.

The search for earnings and uncertainty about the future, attempts to work in a new sphere for oneself cause a wave of depression and anxiety states, in which it is difficult to find the resource and strength to move on.

Information poisoning

Humanity has survived more than one epidemic, but a distinctive feature of the coronavirus pandemic is the amount of the most contradictory information that attacks from TV screens, chats and instant messengers, and, of course, print and digital media.

For six months now, we have been constantly living in this information chaos, we do not know what statistics to believe and whether to believe at all, how to get help in detecting symptoms of the disease and what to prepare for in the near future: whether or not they will “close” for re-quarantine, will they pay money whether the government is going to help the population, whether schoolchildren will be sent to distance learning.

The main thing is that we cannot plan anything, we cannot be sure of anything. And we cannot disconnect from the information flow, because it has long become a part of life. Information terrorism is alarming, we are afraid for our health and the future, and we feel hopelessness – no matter what we do, we are no longer the masters of our lives.

Family fatigue

If the partners who were doing well before the quarantine were just a little tired of each other, then in families where everything was not so good, abscesses opened up. In conditions of self-isolation in the world, the number of cases of domestic violence has also increased significantly, as reported by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in April.

How many family boats crashed on the side of the lockdown will become known towards the end of the year when accurate statistics become available.

What to do with all this? You’ve probably heard of the several stages of mourning that a person in trouble must go through? A pandemic is really serious, it has hit and will hit everyone to one degree or another, you need to accept this, you should be ready for this. Allow yourself to accept this truth, as six months ago they believed in the very possibility of an epidemic.

Do not drown out emotions: get angry, swear, fear, worry. Get rid of the thought that you are a failure if you lose your job or business. Look for a resource in the family, do not refuse to communicate with friends, any live communication with people is now constructive.

And finally, for the first time in your life, don’t make any plans. Let the “second wave” carry you to unknown, but therefore especially interesting shores. Just remember: we live in a unique time that requires unconventional solutions.

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