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A man going through an identity crisis or a midlife crisis feels as if he is crushed or constrained by the way of life that he leads. He wants to break free. His ideas about time and about himself are changing. Realizing that it is not so long to live, men desperately cling to the last opportunity to feel youth and pleasure from life.

What happens to a man?

During this period, fantasies and past dreams seem much more attractive than reality. The man believes that he seems to have done everything right, but he wonders: how did it happen that he gradually turned into an ordinary middle-aged man? Sometimes his value system changes, and he rebelles against the old rules, which, as it seems to him, limit him.

A crisis is especially likely if there is no room for growth or change in a man’s life. He begins to doubt whether his own way of life and the image that he has created for himself suits him, and to think: is he in his place? Life seems empty or false.

When a man commits (or is almost ready to commit) rash, radical actions, we can say that the usual internal conflict and reassessment of values, characteristic of the middle of life, have turned into a crisis.

As a result, some men start dating, abandon their families, drink more, become irresponsible, or take unnecessary and unnecessary risks.

When it seems that there is no way out, the crisis forces something to change. The outcome can be either positive (personal growth) or destructive.

How to recognize a crisis?

The surest sign is a feeling of being cornered and a desire to escape, turning life upside down. Usually a man realizes that he is in a crisis when reality conflicts with his “antics”.

Here are some more signs of a midlife crisis:

  • withdrawal, striving for rebellion, like in adolescents;
  • increased interest in the external image, fantasizing, the search for acute impressions, the desire for risk;
  • a tendency to flirt, attempts to have an affair;
  • the feeling that life has ceased to suit, the temptation to do something unusual or radical, to arrange some kind of “trick”.
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