Solve your problems in a dream … Is it possible?

Psychological interpretation

As a result of our joint work, Anna realized that the dream said that her life was divided into two states. The first has to do with the fact that she is looking for support internally, just as the bed in her dream expects someone from the outside to put it in the right place (tell Anna what decisions to make).

In this state, her travels play the role of external distractions, and recently they no longer bring pleasure. Arriving in a new place, she feels some senselessness of what is happening. She feels like she’s wasting time and money.

The second state is associated with the anticipation of those not yet implemented projects, goals, maybe even missions, which cause a feeling of joyful and solemn anticipation (tapestry). What is missing in life now, but what it would be good to come to.

Thanks to the clarification of the meaning of the dream, Anna realized:

  • that in fact she is now satisfied with the place of residence;
  • that it is not worth spending time and money on trips that she makes more out of habit than for pleasure or new impressions;
  • that she is ready to return to the main tasks of life: the implementation of already planned projects and the upbringing of her daughter.

And after that, she was able to think about what specific steps would allow her to reduce internal conflict and act in accordance with the prompts she received in the dream.

Dreams always make sense

To understand your dream, it is helpful to imagine the dream as a play and its characters as actors. Moreover, unlike ordinary theater, even inanimate objects are not just decorations, but also actors with their own role. Imagining ourselves in the place of each of them, trying on their role, we can better understand its content. By transforming into these characters, we can catch what message they want to convey to us.

All dream characters are parts of our personality. Even when we see someone we know in a dream, it means that our unconscious used his image to convey a message to us. This idea seems strange to some at first. But this is a matter of practice.

Anna understood the meaning of the dream with my help. I introduced her to the algorithm of my methodology for self-interpretation, so that, if desired, she herself could hear the hint of the unconscious.

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