Sexiest women – who are they? The opinion of men

Of course, men like women with different types of looks. And yet, some of the qualities do not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex. Whom are they ready to consider as sexy beauties?


Allan and Barbara Pease, in their book Why Men Want Sex and Women Love, talk about a study in which girls from 13 to 28 years old took part. Psychologists asked them only one question: “Are you satisfied with your appearance?” 86% of the respondents answered: “No!” They said that they were ready to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon, just to become more beautiful. But it turned out that a man doesn’t give a damn (at least, according to the authors) about a woman’s imperfections if … he is fascinated by her.

The authors write: “When a man is attracted by a woman, stretch marks on her stomach seem sexy to him, big hips are seductive, and thin hair is the perfect hairstyle.” But what makes them get carried away by girls with imperfect appearance? Many people answer: “Self-confidence.” Apparently, this explains the fact that sometimes not the most beautiful girls are popular with men.

Healthy and well-groomed

“If we talk about appearance, then most of all we pay attention to posture, gait, skin elasticity, delicate hands and soft hair,” – said a participant in one of the polls on the topic of female sexuality. Often men evaluate appearance on the basis of not aesthetic considerations – they unconsciously form an idea of ​​her reproductive ability: wide hips – she will be able to give birth, large breasts – she can feed, healthy skin and shiny eyes – generally healthy. For the same reason, they make a choice in favor of young girls (of reproductive age), and older women, realizing this, often tend to hide their true age.

With a good figure

“In general, men love parts of a woman’s body that are not like their own. Where it is flat, the woman has a bulge. Where he is tough, she should be soft, ”write Allan and Barbara Pease.

American psychologist Paul Rosen found out that male and female ideas about the ideal female figure differ. During the experiment, he showed the participants photographs of women with different body types – from owners of model parameters to overweight ladies. The slimmer the girl was, the more women said: “This is what you need! I would also like to look like that. ” Men named women of average build and predominantly hourglass figure as the most attractive.

With a unique feminine scent

It has been known since ancient times: the smell of a woman affects men at the subconscious level. Nature is so laid down that each person gives off his own unique and inimitable aroma, which can be both attractive and repulsive, therefore this process is called “chemical communication”.

Fragrances that affect attractiveness are called pheromones. They begin to be produced by the body from the moment of puberty, it is often at this time that a feeling of first love arises.

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