Second date: 3 avoidable mistakes


It is believed that the first date is the most important thing. They carefully prepare for it, select words, try to impress. The second meeting does not cause such alarm. You are more relaxed. You think that they are interesting to each other, you know a thing or two about your partner, you see points of contact and common interests. In short, before the second date, you feel more confident and calm.

But do not forget that the second date is more important than the first and prepares real discoveries for you. Therefore, it is important not to make the typical mistakes that so often darken the second date, and know how to fix them.

1. High expectations

Often, when you agree to a second date, you immediately start fantasizing about a kiss, a hug, and sometimes even a wedding and children. But imagine that the other is not yet ready for this. You will wait from him for steps that he did not plan to take yet. Both he and you will end up feeling cheated.

Help: do not guess. Let everything go the way it goes. So far, you see not so much the person you met as your own fantasy about him. Get to know each other better first. Then you will understand what is worth hoping for and what is not.

2. Talk only about yourself

If you already told everything about yourself on the first date, if you sent messages and emails between the first and the second, on the second date you may feel that there is nothing more to talk about.

Help: ask. Stop constantly talking about your affairs and experiences. True interest in the other person works wonders! Get to know the person opposite, ask open, personal (but not too intimate) questions.

3. Inattention to one’s own feelings

Everything seems to be fine. You sat together in a cafe, then walked and even kissed. You feel like your new partner is in love with you. Perhaps it is. At this point, you should ask yourself: do you really like him? Or do you just want to finally meet with someone?

Help: listen to yourself. If you really felt good, agree to the next meeting. If not, don’t go on. For show, a relationship will end in nothing anyway and, even worse, can hurt your partner painfully.

If you take these recommendations into account, then the second date will definitely go “without mistakes.”

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