“Plastic surgery changes me for the better”

“From this energy creative ideas are born”

Diana, 27, artist, interior and jewelry designer

Beauty is my maximum pleasure zone. If I feel beautiful, everything else goes well in my life, new professional projects appear. If something ceases to be liked in oneself, an energy leak begins.

I did several plastic surgeries. And when they tell me that I’m just lazy and don’t go in for sports, I answer that training helps to tighten the body, but does not give a radically different physical shape.

I’m sure a dream is like a spring. When you do it, a blast wave takes you to new distances. If you buy beautiful shoes, cut your hair or do a facial procedure – and from this energy creative ideas are born. It seems that the process is primitive, but it works. And when I adjust my face and body as I want, it gives me a double charge of energy to embody what is associated with creativity and business.

I do not believe that nature is the ultimate authority. A physician-designed body is much more interesting than a natural one. I am often told: a person who loves himself will not resort to tuning. Don’t confuse me with the girls who do it for sale. I do everything just for my own good mood.

If you look at what is profitable in the sponsorship market, you can “put on” all of this and enter the target audience of “donators”. And I do not look like a character who fits into this standard, and I try only for myself.

They ask me: “Why did you do the operations, after all, you are already good?” I am an artist, I like a visual picture, playing in utopia, creating around myself the aesthetics that interests me. That is why I paint pictures, design houses, jewelry collections. And modifying your appearance is part of this game.

Our world is projection: you can influence external events from the inside, by the power of your personality, but in the same way really, acting from the outside, change your internal state. Changing myself outwardly, I come to a balance that pleases me. And when I feel that I can easily plasticize my face and body, there is a feeling that the whole world is plastic and pliable.

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