Periods of Childhood Development: Infancy

2. Secondly, the mother always knows what her child wants. In the first months of life, the bond between the child and the mother is very strong.

The problem of our time and culture is that young mothers do not trust their feelings, but are looking for “scientific” information in various sources. However, the most direct way to understand what your child needs is to listen to your feelings.

Very often, the mother is anxious if the baby is crying. It is better to listen to this disturbing feeling, and not to drive it away from yourself, because the doctor said that everything is fine, the child is just “capricious”. But in infancy, children are not capricious, much less consciously ask for something.

You can often hear: “He is cunning, crying until you come up to him and sing a song.” He is not at all cunning, he needs a song to fall asleep and recover, because it is scary to fall asleep without a mother. And fear steals that energy that can be used to shape the body’s systems.

Calm, only calm!

Here I would like to make an important remark. There is no need to worry about every excess with a child. It is important to be attentive to his needs and cry, but if it did not work out quickly to calm the baby down and give him what he wants, then the tragedy did not happen.

Young children have a large “margin of safety”, and serious consequences will not come from single “mistakes” of an adult. In the end, the psychological comfort of the mother, her sincere desire to communicate with the child and give him parental warmth, is the key to the normal development of a small organism.

Don’t rush the kid

The age from birth to one year is associated with the development of the body. The parent’s attention should be directed specifically to bodily functions: turned over, sat down, got up, crawled. Each stage of development is important.

Many people want the child to walk as quickly as possible, so they put the baby in a walker at 6 months old, not giving this child the opportunity to crawl a lot. But movement on all fours is one of the most important stages in the formation of not only motor skills, but also spatial and emotional functions. Ignoring this phase can lead to a distortion in the development of higher mental functions in the future.

Infancy is a period of complete dependence on an adult, and the more the presence of an adult in a child’s life, the more independent he will become in the future. It is too early to punish and encourage, to teach something, it is enough just to be near, to feed and carry in your arms.

The next piece in this series, which focuses on child development between ages 1 and 3, will be released on Sunday, October 3.

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