Mom can! 9 skills to help you in your business and career


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Mom can! 9 skills to help you in your business and career

“Do you have children? How old are they? Planning more? ”Common questions that every woman asks for an interview. Many employers believe that the child may interfere with the full devotion to work. In fact, any mother knows much more about efficiency and concentration than most managers, and possesses extremely useful skills.

1. Time management

True time management skills develop precisely with the advent of children. No matter how organized (or, conversely, unorganized) a woman was before the birth of the baby, the baby from the very first hours of life helps to put everything in its place. Now everything is scheduled in minutes. The same applies not only to the child, but also to the rest of the woman’s life: now she clearly knows how much time she can devote to which task, and when to switch to another.

2. Multitasking mode

With the advent of a child, any parent understands what multitasking is. And it’s not only listening, reading and watching TV at the same time. It is to set tasks and solve them in parallel, so that one goal in no way interferes with the achievement of another.

3. Use of resources

The child helps to understand how important it is to value any resources, whether it is the help of relatives and friends (delegation of their authority at least for a short period of time) or the full use of smartphones and tablets, where all instant messengers and mail work.

4. Positive attitude

Each parent knows that the child reads it in a couple of seconds. Bad mood, problems – everything affects the baby, he starts to act up, stops listening. That is why the task of every mother is to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude always and under any circumstances. This benefits both her and others.

5. Switching skills

At first glance, this skill may seem like a multitasking mode, but in fact it is the ability to 100% use the available time and fully devote yourself to one lesson. The parent knows that it won’t work out otherwise. Next to the baby, mom is completely dedicated to him, and, switching to another matter, does not think, does not suffer, does not reflect, but completely surrenders to what she is currently busy with.

6. Ability to negotiate

If the mother was able to persuade the flirting kid to leave the street or go to bed, although he wanted to run or rage, now she can persuade anyone to anything. The sales department will overfulfill its plan, and customers will call and thank for detailed consultations.

7. Not ideal, but efficiency

They say that only lazy people do everything at once and well, because then it will be too lazy to redo it. The same can be said about parents. Efficiency is their thing. Mom learned to be imperfect, the main thing is that her child be healthy and happy.

8. Punctuality

No more exemptions, because now another person completely depends on your punctuality and commitment. You’ll be five minutes late and the doctor will not accept or will not be allowed to attend classes. And if you don’t feed or put to bed in time, the regime will be lost. Therefore, we can say with confidence: mom has a super skill – do everything on time.

9. Motivation and feedback

Young mothers understand: the baby can make a mistake, do something wrong, play mischief or break something. The correct behavior of the parent is not to concentrate on the mistake, but to motivate for a good result. This skill will also help in effective team management. Employees and colleagues will feel support and believe in themselves, which means they will always try to achieve an excellent result.

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