Loneliness with a plus sign


Every person in life goes through a period of loneliness. And yet it still scares us. We associate it with isolation, longing, despair, a sense of our own lack of demand and inferiority. Loneliness seems to us a personal disaster, a stage that we want to go through faster.

Some believe that making a conscious choice to be alone is something abnormal and wrong. It’s as suspicious as not wanting to have children. And many do not understand that living alone does not mean being unhappy or outcast.

Alone with everyone

Loneliness can be a wonderful period, an opportunity to get to know yourself better, explore your inner world and understand your uniqueness.

We often look at ourselves through the eyes of others, adjust to them and reveal ourselves exclusively through relationships with others. Being alone, we can discover a new self – free and independent. This state helps to become a more mature person.

Loneliness often becomes a test, especially when it overtakes due to separation from a loved one, dismissal from work or the death of a loved one. We try to fill the the resulting void. It is not right. Instead of feeling unnecessary, forgotten and helpless, you need to make the most of this state.

Loneliness is a great reason to realize that only you are responsible for your life.

Write in a notebook everything that you would like to do in life, remember all your dreams and aspirations. Think about what is holding them back. Very often this is just the opinion of others.

Loneliness is a great reason to realize that only you are responsible for your life, you make decisions and create yourself. Let this be a lesson: first of all, you need to listen to yourself, and not those around you, you need to rely only on your own strengths and be able to help yourself. After all, other people are not created to spice up your life or satisfy your needs.

Loneliness together

Lonely moments are just as important for family people. Even in a relationship, it is important to keep in touch with yourself.

Very often we begin to perceive ourselves as a single whole with another person, we cannot live without him, we lose our self-identification. Therefore, it is so important to be able to retire, do something for yourself, devote time to your secret hobby. It’s not selfish at all.

Another way to avoid losing yourself in a relationship is through meditation. Make it a rule to devote 15 minutes only to yourself: sit comfortably, close your eyes, do not move or speak. Dedicate this time to introspection, reflect on recent events, and plan further actions. Concentrate on hearing your desires, aspirations.

Being alone is a way to take care of yourself. In modern society, with its social networks and virtual communication, the opportunity to feel loneliness is real wealth and a lucky break.

About the Author: Jacqueline Kelen is a French writer and specialist in mythology. Author of the books “Escaping Happiness” and “Spirit of Solitude”

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