Living with a narcissist

“My ex-husband constantly lied to others about me. In light of this lie, I was always bad, and he was good, although in reality it was the other way around. I found out about this after we parted. It literally ruined me. I just couldn’t take the pain anymore! “

“The main habit of a narcissist is a lie. He will lie, even if the only salvation for him is the truth. ”

Israeli writer and author of the book Malignant Narcissism. Narcissism revised “Sam Vankin openly admitted both his selfishness and his constant lie:” I lie. Obsessive, all the time and about everything. Why am I doing this? To be interesting and attractive. To attract attention, to cause admiration, admiration, admiration and give rise to gossip. “

Breaking up a relationship as a path to salvation

The way out for people exhausted by communication with narcissists can be a break in relations with them, says Leon Zeltser.

“Remembering all the ardent egoists with whom life confronted me, I understand that from the very first meeting it was clear that they were deeply selfish, immoral, addicted to sex, or there was some other wormhole in them. I didn’t have enough experience, intuition to understand that one should stay away from such people. I didn’t know how to set boundaries. ”

“For ten years I was completely under the control of my husband. He was my guide, my very life, and in the end he completely destroyed it. Now, when I think of him, I do not feel anything. Absolutely. There is no hatred, no love, no pity – only emptiness. And that’s great”.

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