“I dream of my dead mother”

In the dream, your mother seemed completely alive, but as soon as you opened your eyes, you realized that it was an illusion, and the world seemed to you even more empty than the day before. Such dreams are truly terrible, dear Clarissa. They revive the pain of loss, it seems that it is impossible to get used to the fact that the person is not. It’s as if the crust of unhealed wounds is being ripped off. You wake up in unbearable mental anguish, and almost every morning, because you often dream of your mother.

This time everything was especially difficult, because the dream was very similar to the truth. It brought to your mind the day of the funeral, when the women at the funeral home asked you to leave the room to prepare the body for burial. They pissed you off, they chatted among themselves, they did their job.

When the women opened the door, one of them uttered a phrase that still haunts you: “Everything is ready, you can come in. Look how beautiful she is. ” You confessed to me that it was a terrible moment, you did not recognize your mother at all. This memory is intertwined with another, perhaps even more painful, of the day of your mother’s death.

You were only a few minutes away, and you spent many weeks at her bedside, but it was in those few minutes that she was gone. You were not there when she died, you may not have heard her last words … In the church, the priest also wanted to finish the funeral as soon as possible. The ceremony was soulless, and you were left alone with your pain.

In your dream, you again meet women from the morgue – this time they pour fresh blood into your mother so that she can be with you for a couple of weeks. After all, this is exactly what you need? You want to talk to her one last time.

The famous scene from Song XI of Homer’s Odyssey, which I advise you to read, may clarify your dream. Ulysses asks the souls of the dead about their future. He sacrifices a lamb and gives them blood so that the dead will rise up. The shadow of Anticlea, his mother, appears, showing him how to get to the port.

I am convinced that this is the meaning of your dream – you would like your mother to show you your future. However, if the dead come into our dreams, it is not to lure us into their world, but to force us to live on.

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