How to help a loved one believe in themselves


The main way to help is communication. A frank conversation allows you to understand the state of mind of a person, to understand what prevents him from fulfilling his dream. It is important to find the most comfortable environment for the interlocutor, so that he can open up. One closer conversations in private, another easier to discuss everything in the game, others talk about sore in the form of a joke.

Common goals and desires

Try to identify common goals and objectives and team up to realize them. This will become support, because it is easier to move along the intended path together. So you help a person to be confident in their abilities.

Analysis of the environment of a loved one

The environment strongly affects us: it can both give strength and nurture a sense of self-esteem in us, and exactly the opposite. Focus on finding like-minded people. The more people in the company of an active lifestyle who realize their dreams and broadcast their attitude to success, the higher are the chances of believing in themselves and achieving a lot.

Joint pastime

Spend time to good use: watch inspirational movies, read books, and collaborate on creative work. This makes it possible for indirect impact, you push the person in the right direction, help to build confidence in yourself. Communication will set the stage for conversation.

Praise and approval

Failures and disapproval of parents form self-doubt. To help get rid of thoughts of one’s own bankruptcy, praise and encouragement are needed. No need to flatter or praise just like that. Give value to what a person does. Instead of “It’s good that you finally nailed this shelf. Thank!” say: “It’s good that you nailed the regiment: we don’t need to spend money on the master and wait for him to come.”

Going to the dream step by step

If the goal seems difficult to reach, then self-disappointment comes before a person takes the first step. He does not know where to start. It is necessary to help a loved one to break a big goal into small feasible tasks that will move him towards a dream step by step.

For example, a friend wants to lose 20 kg in six months. The stages on the way to the goal can be as follows: find a nutritionist and make a menu, write to the gym and choose a set of training, start cooking healthy dishes.

Demonstrate love and care to loved ones, this will help them to believe in their strength and achieve what they want.

Ksenia Ulyanova

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Ksenia Ulyanova – Founder of the Academy of Women’s Self-Development “Happy Academy”.

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