How to get rid of irritability when everything infuriates?



How to get rid of irritability, when is everything enraging?

Irritability is contagious. The slightest reason – and we are ready to pounce on the one who did this, without finding out the reasons. Words that the boss is out of sorts instantly fly around the office, and on its way it becomes spacious. However, those who are in an upright state are also not sweet. What to do to recover as soon as possible? Seven steps towards calm.

1. Find the cause of irritation

Although now it seems to you that literally everything is annoying, there is always a main reason, and very often it turns out to be commonplace. It can be a small cut that you constantly touch, an uncomfortable insole, an unloved spiky scarf.

Analyze the events of the day and remember when you felt annoyed for the first time. Be sure to eliminate the reason: it is the insignificance of the event that makes us postpone it for later, which becomes fertile ground for new discontent.

2. Limit coffee and spirits

Sometimes unlimited access to coffee in offices can play such a joke with those who cannot deny themselves another cup and do it every hour.

Psychology Today blogger Guy Vinc recalls his acquaintance barista, with whom he somehow had to work together – he was an extremely emotional person, and from year to year it was increasingly difficult for him to restrain himself. It turned out that the reason for this was the endless cups of Mokachino, which he could afford while working at the bar.

3. Find the true cause of stress

Because it’s stupid to be angry with someone who has overtaken you and managed to take a free seat in the subway car, or came up with a word three times as long as yours when you decided to play scrabble? That is why many of us are not aware of the true cause of irritability and drive stress into ourselves.

Do not reproach yourself for experiencing stress, the body just works at maximum and asks for a little rest

Such petty annoying troubles indicate to the proud man the subtext – “you are not the first.” Be honest with yourself, get to the bottom of the matter and remind yourself of what an adult and successful person you are.

4. Feel for yourself

When in irritation you find fault with everyone and everything, deep down you know that you are doing wrong? Undoubtedly, and sometimes the more you realize this, the more you find fault. Make an unexpected move – take pity on yourself. Imagine that someone you care about comes up to you and hugs. If it’s easier for you, you can come up and hug the person you just fell upon with anger.

5. Zoom

Usually we are not annoyed by global things, but by medium and small-scale events. Those that a couple of days later we will not remember at all. So move the perspective away, change the scale and think about what you are completely satisfied with in the global sense: home, work, family … Or even – if you are so lucky – both one and the other, and the third.

6. Get rid of excess energy

It’s not a secret for anyone that a person as a biological species is “designed” for a greater volume of movements during the day. In addition, solid portions at lunch provide calories, some of which we will never spend. We add also that part of the nervous energy accumulates from unspoken and pent-up emotions. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, go a quick step part of the way from work home, and it is better at the slightest signs of irritability go straight to the gym.

7. Take time for silence and solitude.

If you are completely alien to the idea of ​​sports, the exact opposite will help. Irritability can be a natural reaction to excess communication. How many eyes do you think are looking at you every day? Our ancestors, the very ones that guarded the ancient sites, would tell you that each such view must be analyzed (friend or enemy?) In order to take into account what action will follow in a second.

So do not reproach yourself for experiencing stress, the body just works at maximum and asks for a little rest. Turn on the music (or turn it off if you listen to it all day with headphones). Do a couple of stretching exercises or just let yourself lie down without getting up for as long as you want. Then take a deep breath and get ready to return to your usual rhythm.

Text: Maria Malygina
Photo Source: Getty images

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