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Everything in the world is interconnected, and the flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause a tsunami on the other side of the world. Even something as mundane as eating has a significant impact on the environment. Today, those who are concerned about environmental issues often try to eat in a way that does not harm the environment, and band together with the intention to spread their ideas.

What motivates the supporters of these movements and how do they implement their principles in a large city?

In the name of salvation

Supporters of the ideology of “food sharing” (English food – food, share – to share) literally save food that may be lost. There are two areas of food sharing. You can join a group on social networks where members exchange surplus food or food that they don’t like.

And you can become a volunteer food sharing project: Collect expiring products from stores, restaurants and manufacturers, and then distribute them to those in need. Thus, food that is still quite suitable will end up in shelters, aid funds, and low-income families.

“Organizations involved in the production or sale of food give us food that has remained unclaimed. The bread has a 72 hour shelf life, but bakeries bake fresh bread every day to keep up with the competition. Therefore, at the end of the day they have perfectly suitable leftovers that they will no longer sell. By participating in food sharing, the bakery helps itself: our volunteers can recommend this place to friends, ”says Konstantin Ponomarev, organizer of the Food Sharing Moscow social and environmental project.

By helping those in need, food sharing advocates help nature as well. After all, uneaten food can harm the environment.

“Garbage, including discarded or unsold food, accumulates in landfills. The decomposition process releases landfill gas, which is harmful to the atmosphere, ”explains Konstantin Ponomarev.

Waste in a landfill can smolder, soil and water in the vicinity of landfills are polluted … By giving others everything that we have not consumed or sold, we reduce the amount of waste. And that means we are making our contribution to the purity of the air and the preservation of the climate.

Anyone can bring food sharing ideas to life.

“If you have cooked a pot of borscht and understand that it will disappear, perhaps neighbors or friends will be happy to pick up the excess. Surely in your house there are large families or single elderly people who will need such help, ”says Konstantin Ponomarev.

Second chance for milk

Freegans (free – free + vegan) try to keep their consumption to a minimum. Not for lack of funds, but for ideological reasons. They search dumpsters at supermarkets, market counters after closing in search of food that is still good for food.

“A lone banana on a supermarket shelf, a crumpled can of canned food can become trash if they are not bought,” explains Margarita Kirillova, who shares the ideas of freeganism. – The production, storage and transportation of products are expensive. And when food goes missing, these costs also become useless. “

But isn’t such food dangerous?

“I think so: mold, decay and ignorance are dangerous,” Margarita Kirillova replies. – Food during cooking can be subjected to additional heat treatment. And baked goods will rise even better on sour milk than on fresh milk, zucchini with barrels can be cut off, and crushed pomegranate is not completely spoiled. “

Knowledge helps freegans to make the most of the properties of food, including those that others would consider spoiled. Sour milk will become sour milk, and with the help of heat treatment it can be turned into young cheese. Vegetables that are slightly wilted will be just as good as fresh vegetables in soup and stew. How to practice freegancy in a metropolis? It turns out not that difficult.

“Several times I saved vegetables and milk that the grocery store threw away,” says Margarita Kirillova. – Friends bring me expired bran, butter, urbech – it is quite possible to put them in bread without risk to health. At the market I take vegetables with “barrels”, they give them for a pittance. “

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