How to deal with difficult people: 11 rules of dialogue

In the modern world, it is difficult to maintain balance: sometimes it is enough just to watch the latest news to get trauma. We are constantly diving from emotion to emotion and cannot keep the most important thing in the focus of attention. Against this background, it is difficult to preserve one of the most valuable assets of a person – the ability to be in contact. It is very important not to discount the relationship. The first thing that helps to get out of the emotional tailspin is rationalization, ordering. For people who are used to living with feelings, this is a valuable skill that needs to be developed.

1. Prepare for contact

Before any contact, you need to tune inwardly – like tuning an instrument before a concert. Take a stable position: sit or stand so that you feel support, balance. Say only what you are sure of and what is important to you, keep in mind what you entered into a dialogue for. If there is a possibility that you will be provoked to emotions, find a point in front of your eyes or a piece of clothing that will symbolize stability and balance for you.

2. Tune in to search for a solution, not a quarrel

When starting a difficult conversation with a loved one, say out loud or to yourself: “I start talking in order to stay in contact, to be with you, and not to quarrel.” Remember that dialogue is not conducted in order to win the battle, but in order to understand each other. When in contact with the child, stay at eye level, touch the body. At the end of a difficult conversation, be sure to say: “I am with you.”

3. Be open

The people around have the right not to believe us, not to love us and not to understand, they may not agree with us – this will have to go through. Each has its own truth. Pay attention to what lies behind the words, look for deeper meaning. To do this, try to calm down and be open in dialogue.

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