How to deal with depression?

Bad mood, inability to experience joy, pessimism and only one desire – not to move anywhere and do nothing. Depression makes us that way. Taking away our strength, it becomes stronger and stronger. But what if in this very state there are hidden “life buoys” that can help us?

Accept your state

The first step in dealing with depression can be the very acceptance of the fact that you are in this state. A team of psychologists led by Amanda Shellcross from the University of Denver (USA) interviewed 50 women who were going through serious life trials at the time of the study.

The respondents were identified with the level of depressive syndrome, stress and the degree of acceptance of their state. A series of tests carried out at intervals of several months gave an interesting result. The higher the level of recognition of the depressive state among the respondents, the weaker the depression itself became over time.

The inherent apathy of this state draws us into inaction, envelops us with a desire to get away from the problem and thereby unties the hands of depression. Not succumbing to this feeling, not letting things go by chance, realizing that there is a problem, we are already moving in defiance of the depressive scenario.

Analyze it

Being depressed, we fixate on a problem or endlessly, with manic persistence, we replay the same situation in our head. Conversely, people who are prone to constant “self-examination” are much more likely to become depressed. Essentially an analytical process, “self-digging” instead of constructive solutions leads us to self-destruction.

This type of thinking is called rumination. Yale University professor Susan Nolen-Hoeksema described it as a constant and passive reflection on negative emotions, focusing on the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The thoughts that overwhelm a person in this state are concentrated around questions like “When will I finally get out of all this?” and ideas about the inability to concentrate, poor health. Accordingly, the result of such reflections is an even deeper immersion in depression, and not a way out of it.

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