How to communicate with “energy vampires”

Energy vampires are neurotic people with personality disorders. They have a number of distinctive features. As a rule, they:

  • strive to violate your boundaries;
  • create drama out of everything, even if there is no reason for it;
  • overly critical, looking for flaws and finding fault with everything;
  • Chronic complainers and whiners who are difficult to please;
  • eternal disputants, for them to agree with you at least in anything is a real problem;
  • demanding and capricious as children for whom the word “no” simply does not exist;
  • look at everything pessimistically, see bad omens everywhere;
  • unable to accept responsibility for anything, blame everyone for their problems.

Even one such person at work can become that “black sheep” that will spoil the whole flock.

Being close to him, you will very soon feel how his problems become yours and you devote the whole day only to them, forgetting about yourself and your affairs. This is also the hallmark of the energy vampire – to absorb your will, to subjugate it to yourself. This should not be allowed.

Here are three simple steps to help you keep yourself safe when you see someone who loves eating someone else’s energy on the horizon.

1. Determine that you have come to the attention of an energy vampire

At the first meeting, it is not so easy.

Their caustic comments and eccentricity may intrigue you at first, their fresh gossip and juicy details will keep you waiting for the continuation.

You will perceive the light flair of drama and mysterious suffering that surrounds them as a sign that there is a deep and extraordinary personality next to you, and the stories about their difficult fate and pursuing failures will cause sympathy and a desire to take under your wing.

Soon, however, you will have a strange feeling that something is wrong here. Don’t ignore him. After meeting and talking with an energy vampire, it may seem to you that you are very tired, you have a headache, or for no reason, sadness rolled over you.

Sometimes you can be confused by the look he gave you. His heart shrinks, it is not clear why. What bottomless eyes, what an attentive look, you think.

Don’t dismiss your feelings, be it unexpected stiffness and tension in your muscles or strange chills and anxiety. These are signals from your body that you need to be attentive to what is happening.

2. Limit communication and clearly define your boundaries

If you cannot completely stop communicating with an energy vampire, limit the amount of time that you will communicate with him directly. It is not so easy if the energy vampire is one of your family members or colleagues.

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