How long do our emotions last?

So why do we spend different time on each of the experiences? It all depends on how important the event that triggered it is for us.

So, sadness and hatred indicate that something valuable has been taken (or are trying to take) from us, and we experience these feelings for a long time.

“This is as it should be: otherwise it would mean that the loss is not so important to us,” explains psychologist Philip Verduin, one of the authors of the study. “Fear, shame, sympathy, on the contrary, are associated with episodic events, so they pass quickly.”

We have compiled a simple cheat sheet for you that will help you get through difficult emotions for you. After all, they are all equally good because sooner or later they leave us. And knowing how long they last, we can find the strength to wait for the “point”.

On the other hand, knowing how long positive emotions last, we can try to extend their “life” artificially. Or enjoy them fully, remembering that life is fleeting.

Negative emotions:

Sadness – 120 hours

Hate – 60 hours

Wine – 3.5 hours

Boredom – 2 hours

Fear – 30 minutes

Shame – 30 minutes

Positive emotions:

Joy – 35 hours

Satisfaction – 24 hours

Enthusiasm – 6 hours

Rapture – 5 hours

Empathy – 1 hour 20 minutes

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