How do successful people prioritize?

How do successful people prioritize? KNOW YOURSELF

Socrates argued that every utterance heard must be sifted through three sieves: truth, kindness and benefit. Heidi Reeder, author of Commit to Win, * suggests using the same Three Sieve to help you do the right thing and not be overwhelmed by thought.

She suggests asking yourself three questions before accepting another tempting offer, accepting someone’s invitation, or starting a new business. Reader marked each of the questions with a letter – “GPS principle” (translated as NLP **).

  • Skills: how will it help me develop my skills and abilities?
  • People: will communication with significant people await me?
  • Positive emotions (Good time): will this opportunity be a source of pleasant and inspiring sensations for me?

Required skills

Successful people strive for new knowledge that allows them to grow and hone their professionalism. But their experience also tells them which opportunities will best fit into their life trajectory and will be useful in their area and at this particular stage of their career.

For example, if you have an idea for a new IT application, you should first focus on developing it, and then sign up for sales trainings and courses on developing persuasion skills that will help you attract investors.

Significant people

Successful people create strong bonds. When we prioritize those events and activities that can be a source of fruitful communication, we win.

It is not at all necessary that we are talking about events where you can make “useful” acquaintances. It is much more important to be in the same environment with the masters of their craft, innovators, from whom you can learn something.

Whenever you’re going to respond to an invitation to go to an alumni meeting, an exhibition, or a poetry seminar, think – are you doing this because you anticipate an exciting conversation that will enrich you, or are you just trying not to offend others with your refusal? In the second case, feel free to say no.

Time well spent

Successful people often say yes to life. But successful people also value their time. They are selective. They use the opportunities that can give them a sense of community with others, a sense of joy and creativity.

If you receive an invitation and you are faced with a choice – correlate your answer with the GPS test. Ask yourself: Will the experience be rewarding, inspiring, or fun for you? When answering, focus only on your own feelings.

For some, playing football twice a week can bring the joy and excitement of competition. Others prefer thinking and strategy games. Choose exactly what suits your nature, do not pay attention to trends and other people’s preferences.

If you follow these principles, you will create immunity against “decision fatigue” – the need to constantly agonize to choose from many different options. You will have a clear roadmap (remember the GPS metaphor) that will guide you through life. Personal Reputation Management

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