Find your place in a new reality, or Who will hire someone?


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Find your place in a new reality, or Who will hire someone?

The world is changing so fast that as soon as we have time to gain experience and competencies, they already become expired. Which of the applicants, ceteris paribus, are employers choosing today? And how do we find a new place under the sun in the present and future?

Gone are the days when, after school or institute, we came to the enterprises as young specialists. And then, after 30-40 years, we were solemnly escorted from there to retirement. Today you will not surprise anyone with the search for a new job. Some professions disappear, others appear, about which no one heard yesterday. The world is changing rapidly, and we adapt to its speed. But it seems that the requirements of the time for us are becoming more and more.

“Not everyone will be taken to the future” – this phrase was first launched into the world in the heading of a samizdat article in 1983 by the artist Ilya Kabakov. He recalled how the headmaster took the children to a summer camp. “In this chilling phrase,” he wrote, “the initial division of all people, like children, into three categories is concluded:“ Who will take ”,“ Who will be taken ”,“ Who will not be taken. ” Whom do they take and do not take in the present and what needs to be done to be in demand in the future? What is the present and future world that will “choose” and “take” with it the necessary professionals?

Who will take

Those who are ready to offer us jobs are becoming fewer today. The outside world — the one who “takes” us into the future — has already become different. Which one? The country entered into a confrontation with the West, the economy has irrevocably changed since 2013, entering a phase of complete lack of growth, so when talking about the labor market, several factors should be taken into account.

“Business will continue to operate in conditions of very limited resources – this is the first,” comments Konstantin Borisov, founder and head of the company for the search for managers. – Second: earlier international companies gladly hired our managers, and now the main employers are Russian. And the third: if before the buy-sell sphere felt good, today consumer demand has fallen.

This trend will last at least five years. Consider that the climate has just changed, a conditional global cooling has come. This does not mean that everyone will die like dinosaurs. This means that we need to adapt a lot. Applicants who take this logic into account are more likely to succeed. ”

Employers appreciate those who can adapt and quickly navigate the situation. “Our contemporary, in order to meet the challenges of the times, needs to be the first,” explains Milyana Blazic, psychodramatologist, recruiting consultant. – Therefore, we constantly promote ourselves – publish selfies in social networks, share successes, create personal brands.

The era of individualists has come, when competition among the “first and best” is very high. ” Which adds anxiety to our already fussy and unpredictable life. Sometimes we want to turn our backs on this and live in peace as before, but this is unlikely to succeed.

People will continue to be the main ones where creativity, creative thinking and emotional contact are required.

“To deny changes in the outside world is absurd. You can sit in the middle of the room in shorts, pick up a cocktail and repeat: “I’m in Hawaii”, but there will still be minus 30 outside the window, ”notes Konstantin Borisov.

Today in business, no one will dare to build long-term plans – for a maximum of a year or two. Who, ten years ago, could have imagined that the taxi market would become as large as it is now, and would it be completely different algorithms of work, logistics?

“In the 90s, the taxi driver allowed himself to smoke in the car, I do not like it – take another one! And now, if the driver does not turn off the chanson at the first request of the client, he will receive a bad review in the electronic service, his rating will decrease and there will be fewer orders, ”explains Konstantin Borisov. – Who could imagine that in 2019 we will order food on the Internet and they will deliver it to us in 15 minutes? Bots are already “working” in call centers whose voice cannot be distinguished from the human one. ”

Already now, typical legal documents are made up of computers; they analyze a large number of cases more quickly than a person and choose the optimal one for a specific situation. Somewhere we will give way to artificial intelligence, but the good news is that we can service, repair, program, and master more qualified professions.

It is unlikely that the program will ever replace a brilliant lawyer or actor. A person will continue to be the main one where creativity, creative thinking and emotional contact are required.

“Before looking for a job, ask yourself: is something threatening my profession and is it worth it to think about a cardinal paradigm shift? – offers Konstantin Borisov. – In the next two days, no profession will disappear, but it is worth analyzing the trends. To retrain, you need time, it makes sense to do this in advance. ”

Find your place in a new reality or Who will hire someone?

Who will not be taken

At risk are those who have an extinct look: complaints about life, wrong bosses, difficulties at home and other “whining” categorically do not like the employer. “They like applicants with burning eyes, courage, and if the candidate has no internal energy, he has little chance,” Konstantin Borisov is convinced. – Do not like employers and overweight people.

Recently, I had a consultation with a top manager who could not find a job for a long time. I correctly drew his attention to excessive completeness, which does not fit with the dynamic position that he claimed. There are generally accepted ideas about a successful candidate. The logic of the employer is simple: the candidate is noticeably overweight, which means that he moves a little and eats a lot, which means he is lazy – although this may not be at all.

The same attitude towards those who look untidy: either the candidate has problems in his life, or he will not be able to take care of business, if he is not able to take care of himself. But focusing solely on beauty is rather an outdated myth. After all, beauty is a subjective concept.

Good candidates, whose “parameters” are most suited to the requirements of the employer, do not sit on the bench for a long time. There are rare positions in narrow specializations, such as a perfume taster – you can really wait for them for a long time, because there are objectively few jobs.

“But if you apply for a widespread vacancy, for example, a sales manager, and don’t find a job for several months, it’s time to think about what you are doing wrong and turn to a career consultant,” advises Milyana Blazhich.

My secret job

“I didn’t know what to be afraid of”

“I got to my current job almost by accident, lazily responded to the vacancy, despite the fact that I did not really answer 80% of the requirements for the candidate, I did a test task on the drive, and came for an interview completely without nerves. About the fact that about 40 candidates dropped out before me and that it was necessary to be afraid at all stages, I found out later only when they accepted me. ” Tatyana, PR-manager, 36 years old, Samara

“Yes, I’ll learn!”

“On the phone I was asked if I drive a car. Everything was fine here, but it turned out that the company provides cars on mechanics, which I do not know at all. “Too bad,” they answered me. I said goodbye, and then called back: “Lord, yes I’ll learn!” And a series of interviews began, where it was necessary to prepare presentations, work out situations on the go. I tried very hard, and even now I’m not ashamed of how I did everything. ” Dina, marketer, 39 years old, Khabarovsk

“Do you play basketball?” Take it! ”

“I was one of 34 candidates for this vacancy. The same competencies as everyone. At the last stage, they delicately told me that they had chosen another. And I joked, or seriously threw it into my hearts: “Don’t you really need tall athletic guys playing basketball?” And then HR “hung up”. It turned out that the corporation constantly hosts sports events between branches, and my hobby suddenly became a trump card. “Take you!” Sergey, system administrator, 28 years old, Moscow

“In the resume I wrote just one word”

“The only time I was looking for work, sending out a resume, I was helped by reducing the standard text to one phrase:“ Clerical work ”and posted a frivolous photo of 10 years ago. They began to invite for an interview. The company is small, was in a hopeless situation, the employee quit unexpectedly, summer, vacations, work is on fire, and here I am. The management later admitted that it never takes people of my age, always only young people. ” Oksana, owner of an ecotourism bureau, 50 years old, Kuril Islands

Who will take

We are happy to take those who quickly adapt to changing requirements. If before an employee almost always had a single employer, be it an enterprise or a private person, today we have to get used to the fact that we can have several customers.

“For example, once a housekeeper was a constant, almost a member of the employer’s family,” Konstantin Borisov explains, “now there are convenient services with which the employer orders a specialist for two hours twice a week, and different, already selected, will come to him qualified personnel. “

Raising the retirement age frightened many already encountered age discrimination. But is it true that the stereotype “They won’t take me anywhere – I’m more than 40 years old” is true?

“Yes, quite often, mature and middle-aged candidates are refused. But often it’s not at all because they have the wrong year of birth in their passport, ”explains Milyana Blazhich. – Most Russian candidates for 50 look deeply tired, and there are those in 20 years. A man who doesn’t believe that he has the resource looks at me from the photo. But if he does not believe in himself, then how will I believe, headhunter? And there are those candidates at the age who are young in spirit, open to change and new. And such, experienced and energetic, are in demand. ”

They are looking for those who are able to bring ideas and solutions to problems under constantly changing circumstances and high speeds.

But it is necessary to state and confirm these statements about your productivity. “A huge number of applicants in paints tell how they did their job, but cannot show real results,” says Konstantin Borisov. – But everything can be measured and presented, if this is not a commercial secret. The diligence, assuming that the employee will be given a ready-made solution, is no longer needed by anyone.

Now they are looking for heroes who, due to super efforts, overtake the market. They are looking for those who are able to bring ideas and solutions to problems under constantly changing circumstances and high speeds. Show a high level of energy – if it’s not there, go in for sports, it will definitely help to increase the charge of your battery. ” It is worth conducting an audit of your own competitive advantages: what am I the best in the profession, what ideas and solutions can I offer?

“Digital reality is spreading over large territories,” Milyana Blazic clarifies. – It is not enough to have knowledge in the profession and work according to a scheme proven over the years. We need to constantly develop, be in a trend, in the center of change. ” There are those who understand this, they go to different courses, trainings, receive a second, third, fourth higher education.

“Alas, only 20% of such people are conscious,” continues Konstantin Borisov. – For the remaining 80%, large corporations create academies, training centers. But the balance will change – companies are less and less willing to drag on their hump those who are not personally interested in continuing education. Learn from the best in your field, try on their shirt, watch how they say they know how, how they behave, what they achieve. Try to understand what are the new criteria for success in your profession. Either we change voluntarily, or the world itself will build us into its system. And not the fact that this place will make us happy. ”

How can one not lose oneself in this new Matrix? “To seek a balance between the digital and the human, to be the first, it’s not everywhere, but in one thing,” recommends Milyana Blazic. – And remember that we have feelings and the queen among them is love. To love oneself, loved ones, colleagues and understand that a happy person will do the same amount of work faster and better than an unhappy one. ”

Text: Olga Kochetkova-Korelova
Photo Source: Getty images

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