Family habits: learning English with children

Family habits: learning English with children KNOW YOURSELF

Family habits: learning English with children

Learning a foreign language is not an easy task for both an adult and a child. One way to ease this process and relieve stress is to study English together. We tell you how to do it.

Have fun in English

Reading your favorite books, watching cartoons and playing in English are great habits that you can gradually introduce into everyday life. If children constantly hear spoken language, they will be able to intuitively learn grammar rules and memorize words.

The child does not immediately understand foreign words, but he is helped by emotions in the voices of the characters, the expressions of their faces, intonations and music. Often children repeat funny expressions from cartoons in English.

Here are some things to keep in mind when watching cartoons and movies together:

  1. Choose stories that are familiar to your child.
  2. Start with short tapes and gradually increase your viewing time.
  3. Watch a video with Russian and English subtitles: at first we involuntarily cling to Russian words, but gradually the brain becomes easier to perceive foreign speech, and we stop reading the Russian text.
  4. Learn with your child funny songs and words from books you read and videos you’ve watched, invent different intonations and embed what you’ve learned into everyday life. For example, the child managed to do something – you can cheer him up in English: “Wow, that’s cool!”

We do a little, but regularly

Experts believe that it is better to do a little, but every day. But here it is important to observe a reasonable line: if you missed a day or a week, you do not need to reproach yourself and the child. This is just a study: children should not be fluent in English and read Shakespeare in the original, it is enough to learn the sounds and syntax.

To make the child interested in learning, give him the opportunity to choose what to listen, watch and read.

We form successful installations

In one study, high school students were divided into two groups. Everyone wrote an essay and received feedback from teachers, but only half was supplemented by the phrase: “I am writing this review because I believe in you.” A year later, the children who received such reviews achieved great success. This suggests that it is important for children to remind us that we believe in them and to give the right attitude.

For intelligence and thinking to develop, the child can be helped by language. For example, if he says that he cannot learn the rule, reformulate his words: “Do you mean that you have not yet learned how to do this?” This will let him know that there is nothing impossible, you just need to learn, and everything will work out.

We build English into everyday life

Try to include English in your daily activities. For example, make product lists in English – it may take longer, but the child will be able to learn to use new words.

Go shopping together and remember every word from the list – it will be fun and interesting. And the child will feel that the parents may also not know something and study with him.

Modern schools of foreign languages ​​make the learning process as convenient and adapted to real life as possible. For example, in an English school Skyeng You can play vocabulary games, learn words through applications and favorite movies and chat for free in a conversation club.

Guide your child to independent discoveries and encourage his curiosity. If you yourself don’t know something, admit it openly and invite the child to sort it out together. This will help not to be afraid of your ignorance, and continue to be interested in new things.

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