Choose the right moment to say “I love you”

There are many ways to declare your love. After a magical day together, prepare in advance or spontaneously. You can talk about everything in a letter so that the moment of recognition is permeated with the spirit of romance.

At the end of a wonderful day spent together

Don’t be too solemn, be spontaneous. As the old proverb says: “When you are ready, you do not look for words.” For some people, confessing love is a test, but sooner or later you have to do it. If you feel that the right moment has come, speak without hesitation, listen to your heart, let your mind rest.

Once you confess your feelings, don’t expect an instant response. Sometimes the willingness to love and recognition in it does not come at the same time. Do not see this as a lack of reciprocity, do not be impatient. Allow the beloved (s) to mature to a reciprocal step.

In a letter where you describe your feelings

Sometimes shyness gets in the way of making a love confession. This obstacle is completely surmountable. The way out is to entrust feelings to an old, but still not obsolete method. Take a paper and a pen and pour out your feelings in writing.

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