beliefs that prevent a woman from having an orgasm


Hostile sexism meant blatant contempt for women. Here women were almost unanimous, they did not accept such behavior of men and treated it extremely negatively. But the so-called benevolent sexism is more complex, with many shades, women perceive quite complacently. It is driven in part by the belief that women are the weaker sex and that they need male custody. At first glance, it seems that persuasion only plays into the hands of women, but it’s not so simple.

Emily Harris believes that benevolent sexism romanticizes the belief that women should depend on men, that is, it implies their passivity in sex as well. A woman expects her partner to be dominant and believes that in bed he has the right to satisfy his own needs first. These women perceive sex as a wife’s duty to her husband, and not as a source of pleasure.

Having measured the level of sexist views, psychologists compared it to how selfish women seem to be their sexual partners. The participants ticked the box next to the statements “During sex, he is only interested in his pleasure” or “Men only care about their own release, and not about their partner’s orgasm,” that is, they considered men to be egoists.

The respondents also answered questions about the frequency of their orgasms and the ways to achieve them. It has been found that women who adhere to benevolent sexism often find men selfish and, as a result, have fewer orgasms as a result.

“Our research suggests how ideological factors can (indirectly) influence a woman’s ability to orgasm,” concludes Harris.

Social psychologist at the University of Seville Mercedes Duran claims2that in a world of benevolent sexism, women perceive sex as barter. If a husband cares for and supports his wife, it is her duty to serve his sexual needs, they say. Moreover, a woman does not consider it rape if her husband forces her to have sex. If women put their desires so low, what kind of orgasm can we talk about?

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