“All my life I have been in the position of the victim”

The therapist tried different techniques on me. We drew and played, and we built the world in a box. But metaphorical cards worked best for me. With them, I began to pull out my own world into the light of day.

I went to therapy for quite a long time, 2 times a week. Then they switched to once a week. It took years for myself and working with myself …

Now I understand that the trigger for the chain of events that led me to a psychotherapist was one of the most difficult decisions in life – abortion. It was he who, despite the fact that he severely injured me, pulled all the transformations with him. And in 2012, with the help of a therapist, I finally pushed myself away from this bottom and began to rise upward, to my real self.

Then life regularly threw problems at me. There was a tough turning point in 2017 when I had to see a psychiatrist and take antidepressants. It was then that I finally got to know my inner abyss, hugged it and fell in love. And … from there they smiled at me! As a result, I divorced my husband. Now I am happy: I took care of myself, lost a lot of weight, enjoy communicating with friends and a child.

In my work with a psychotherapist, parables, analogies, maps and just jokes-jokes worked perfectly. It was very important to find a specialist who accepted me for who I am – even with my manner of using strong words in speech.

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