9 signs that your colleague is suffering from personality disorder



9 signs that your colleague is suffering from personality disorder

Such a person can poison the atmosphere in a team with his presence alone. Demotivate colleagues or subordinates, make them feel worthless. If desired, he may seem quite charming and adequate, skillfully hiding his personality disorder. And most importantly – it is almost impossible to recognize this when hiring such an employee.

Since the new employee appeared in the company, Anna, tension has hung in the air. Even the cleaners tried to avoid meeting the new girl. Her very presence created unnecessary stress. As soon as she entered the room, everyone immediately froze, as if expecting her to say something unpleasant again.

Anne was criticized because of her aggression and intransigence, but nothing changed. On the contrary, scandals became more frequent, as she took revenge on all who, as it seemed to her, spoke ill of her. Various rumors spread around the office, fertile ground arose for hypocrisy and mutual accusations. Everyone saw the problem, except for the boss Anna. Unfortunately, because of this, all attempts to change something gave only a short-term result.

When the HR Department received several complaints, Maria, an employee who hired Anna for work, decided to study her personal file in more detail. She did not learn anything unusual about Anna. She had a good resume, verified recommendations, reviews about her work were positive, she passed all the required checks. Anna had some problems with communication skills, but nothing serious. So what’s the deal?

With various personality disorders, selfishness, a lack of flexibility, distortions in the perception of reality manifest themselves in their own way.

It is possible that Anna suffered from personality disorder, and this is almost never revealed during job interviews.

There are a lot of types of personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypic, antisocial, borderline, hysterical, avoiding, dependent, obsessive-compulsive. In each of them, selfishness, lack of flexibility, distortion in the perception of reality and impulsivity are manifested in their own way. All these symptoms occur in various situations from adolescence.

Here are a few signs that you can understand that your colleague is suffering from this disorder.

1. You think you’re crazy

When interacting with Anna, it sometimes seemed to other employees that they were going crazy. Often they could not understand and explain what was happening. Often Anna managed to convince her colleagues that the problem was in them, listing a lot of their flaws, mistakes and her fears. After such conversations, these employees began to worry, lost motivation and could even become depressed.

2. They act like Dr. Jekyll, then like Mr. Hyde

Anna behaved quite differently with her colleagues than she did with management and friends. Although personality disorders manifest themselves in any setting, these manifestations may vary. When Anna wanted to impress someone, she could be very charming, but over time she dropped her mask and showed her true face.

3. Around them you have to “tiptoe”

All employees tried not to provoke Anna in any way. They learned well to read her body language in order to understand what mood she is in today. When she was not at work, everyone was happy, because the atmosphere in the office immediately became easier and more relaxed.

4. They resist change

Anna eagerly talked about the need to change something, bearing in mind that others should change to please her. She did not want her colleagues to have healthy personal boundaries, and all the time she tried to subjugate and suppress others in order to control them.

9 signs that your colleague is suffering from personality disorder

5. They are lying

Other employees all the time seemed that Anna was deceiving them. She did not come across obvious lies, but she exaggerated something all the time, avoided discussing topics that were painful for her, and withheld important information. In addition, she constantly blamed others for what she herself was to blame, thus trying to divert attention from her misconduct.

6. They manipulate others

Anna all the time tried to distort reality. She tried to make others obey with the help of psychological violence and manipulation. It could be insults (“you are a fool”), distortions (“everything was completely wrong”), “gaslighting” (“if you think so, you are crazy”), threats (“do as I said, or it will be worse ”), Coercion (“ you must do this ”), black-and-white thinking (“ there are two ways – mine and wrong ”), financial pressure (“ your salary depends on me ”).

7. They disclaim liability

If such people ever ever apologize, then always with reservations like “but you too …”. In fact, they never admit their guilt. Someone else is always to blame. When one of the colleagues pointed out to Anna a problem, he himself became the next victim of her attacks.

8. They create chaos around themselves.

At work, you do not need extra stress. However, Anna felt the best in this atmosphere. When everything was calm, she found some reason for complaints and discontent. She calmed down, only getting what she wanted, and then not for long. Soon, everything was repeated anew.

9. They put themselves at the forefront

Anna thought only of herself, but spoke of others only when she blamed them for something. She was sure that her experiences, thoughts, actions and views were always true. She felt superior to others, and therefore productive cooperation with her was impossible.

Of course, all this creates an unhealthy working atmosphere, leading to discontent among employees and a large staff turnover. Anna explained to Maria that she wanted to make the workflow more productive, but in fact her behavior bothered others and prevented open communication. Several attempts to make Anna change failed, and in the end she was asked to leave the company, to the delight of her colleagues.

About the Author: Christine Hammond is a counseling psychologist.
Prepared by: Nikolay Protsenko
Photo Source: Getty images

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