9 rules for a healthy relationship


1. They are not shy about praising their partner in public

“Happy couples never tire of praising each other in front of friends, children, relatives and even colleagues,” explains psychologist and coach Samantha Rodman.

In unhealthy relationships, partners often criticize each other in conversations with others. Simple phrases like “My husband can fix everything” or “My wife makes the best dinners in the world” help to maintain a close bond between partners.

2. They always find time for each other.

“In strong relationships, partners find time to spend time together every day,” says psychotherapist Kurt Smith. “For example, they walk the dog together, talk for a long time, when the children fall asleep, or watch TV shows together.”

3. They laugh easily and often.

“My husband and I are laughing at something every now and then,” says psychologist Marie Land. – We cannot be depressed for a long time, because one of us will definitely say or do something to cheer up both of us. Of course, sometimes you can’t do without serious conversations. But those couples who try not to take life too seriously and laugh more often find it easier to build healthy relationships. “

4. They value each other’s dignity.

“I meet spouses all the time who complain about each other endlessly,” explains family counselor and therapist Aaron Anderson. – Most often we are talking about the most common problems that almost all couples face. In a healthy relationship, partners do not focus on problems and complaints, but pay attention primarily to the positive aspects of each other and do not hesitate to exchange compliments. “

9 rules for a healthy relationship

5. They know how to put themselves in the shoes of a partner

“It helps them overcome the lack of understanding that sometimes occurs in any relationship,” says couples psychotherapist Kari Carroll. – Empathy is useful for resolving any conflicts, and those of my clients who have it, can tell their partner: “I can not agree with you here, but I can understand why you felt this way.” At the same time, the partner feels that he is carefully listened to, understood and appreciated. “

6. They always tell their partner when they get home.

“Often, problems in relationships arise because one of the spouses does not understand how the other lives, or it seems to him that he is being ignored,” advises psychologist Samantha Rodman. “A simple phone call or text message to let your partner know when you’re back from work or from a meeting with friends / girlfriends will help him or her stop worrying about it and will further strengthen your relationship.”

7. They never stop flirting.

“Flirting is a great way to show your love to your partner and have a little fun in addition,” says Aaron Anderson. – Without him, the relationship becomes gray and boring. In healthy relationships, partners continue to flirt with each other even years later.

8. They know how to sort things out honestly

“Even during a conflict, spouses do not scold each other with the last words and do not hang labels,” explains psychotherapist Kurt Smith. – I often hear how partners do not hesitate to express caustic comments and offensive remarks, and then brush them off that they were “just joking.” In a healthy relationship, partners always treat each other with love and respect. “

9. They know how to forgive

“Partners are able to admit their mistakes, apologize and leave what happened in the past,” adds psychologist Marie Land. “Recent disagreements do not lead to emotional distancing from each other or prevent them from having a good time together.”

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