9 books to get you started

9 books to get you started KNOW YOURSELF

9 books to get you started

It’s more interesting to live, work more consciously and efficiently, it’s better to remember information, review your life and find other meanings in it – we have selected books for you that contain practical tips that are relevant to you and inspiring examples.

1. Focus

“Maximum Concentration” by Lucy Joe Palladino

Why read. Psychologist Lucy Joe Palladino is a leading American specialist in the field of attention disorder. She knows a lot about attention deficit, distraction, procrastination and perfectionism, which prevent us from acting effectively. In the center of her book are eight strategies for working on yourself: they will help change thinking, become more focused and attentive not only to adults, but also to children.

Quote: “Because of the plasticity of the adult brain, you need to be mindful of what you are doing and what you are learning. Human skills are constantly recorded by the brain. We are used to thinking that the brain determines behavior, but in fact, behavior also affects the human brain. ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 336 p.

9 books to get you started

2. Choose the main thing

“Essentialism. The Path to Simplicity ”by Greg McKeon

Why read. Until the 20th century, the word “priority” (from Latin. Prior – first) has always been used in the singular, which is logical: the first can be one thing. Today we are trying to balance between five to ten priorities. But to cope with all this is impossible, and not necessary, says British-American business coach Greg McKeon, author of the blog at Harvard Business Review. And he tells how we could “edit” our own life, that is, remove everything distracting, unnecessary and unpleasant from it.

Quote: “There are three deeply rooted postulates:“ I must, ”“ All this is important, ”“ I can do both. ” To accept the essence of essentialism, you need to replace this false logic with three truths: “I choose”, “only a few things matter” and “I can do anything, but not everything.” These simple truths … will allow you to invest in life at the maximum of opportunities. ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 256 pp.

9 books to get you started

3. Show courage

“Be the best version of yourself” by Dan Waldschmidt

Why read. The author of the book experienced business success at 22 and suicide at 25. Now he runs a company that solves the complex problems of organizations around the world. And he runs ultramarathons and prefers non-standard solutions in everything. In this book, Dan Waldschmidt shares his personal experience of losses and achievements, analyzes the stories of dozens of famous people – politicians, athletes, businessmen, and notes: success is not outstanding intelligence, but strength of mind, determination and firmness of character.

Quote: “I found that all successful people have the same four qualities: 1. They are not afraid to take risks. 2. They are disciplined. 3. They are generous. 4. They can get along with people. In other words, they are purposeful and human. ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 208 pp.

9 books to get you started

4. Understand yourself

“What is stopping you?” Sue Headfield

Why read. Another reason to analyze your successes and mistakes, dreams and reality, goals and meanings and understand what is going wrong, and most importantly – why? Englishwoman Sue Headfield tells stories – her own, her friends and acquaintances – and explains what slows down us and where to get inspiration.

Quote: “An honest assessment of your ideals and principles will help to accurately answer the question why you have a feeling of dissatisfaction with life … What are the most significant values ​​for you? Are these the values ​​that you follow in life? The most accurate answer to this question can be, remembering what behavior of other people you approve of (or condemn). ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 240 pp.

9 books to get you started

5. Learn a profession

“Take it and do it!” 77 Most Useful Marketing Tools by David Newman

Why read. The ability to promote goods and services is in great demand today. An experienced American marketer and business coach, David Newman, knows how to teach this. He brings his ideas in 77 chapters with tips and instructions, explaining where to look for new customers, how to work on social networks and how to strengthen brand confidence. And it offers a specific step-by-step plan for launching a marketing program. This clear, well-structured book will be useful to individual entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Quote: “Your promotion strategies fulfill their task if:

  • you do what no one else in your industry does;
  • your customers cannot but recommend you to friends;
  • others (including competitors) consider you “crazy”;
  • others (including competitors) are AFRAID of repeating this ”;

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 368 pp.

9 books to get you started

6. Train your memory

“Memory does not change. Tasks and puzzles for the development of intelligence and memory »Angel Navarro

Why read. A cute collection with 95 exciting exercises in pictures to train your memory at any age. In addition to practical tasks, the Spanish psychologist and psychotherapist Angels Navarro included in the book a short story about the types of memory and a selection of useful strategies for remembering and inventing your own mnemonic techniques.

Quote: “There is no good or bad, short or long memory, there is a memory good or poorly trained.”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 160 pp.

9 books to get you started

7. Deal with motivation

Psychology of Motivation Heidi Halvorson and Tori Higgins

Why read. Why do two talented people striving for the same goal (for example, to become scientists) achieve completely different results? Because one is more focused on winning, achieving success, and the other is on avoiding failure. Which of these two motivations — achieving or avoiding — dominates you? How does it affect our life choices? And how to become successful by combining both types of motivation? Explaining how to do this, social psychologists Heidi Halvorson and Tori Higgins rely on many scientific studies.

Quote: “Motivational matching is not a dirty trick played with an inexperienced customer. Whether you’re talking about mugs, computers, electric grills, study after study shows that if consumers, when choosing a product, feel that it’s right, the choice is much more satisfying. ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2014, 272 p.

9 books to get you started

8. Laugh

“For all the good! Toasts with drawings by Alexey Merinov “

Why read. To look with a smile – cunning or sad – at your life, at relationships with friends, family, work and employers. A new project by the cartoonist Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, the winner of the Golden Ostap festival, and the awards of Smena and Ogonyok magazines by Alexey Merinov.

Quote “Our best friends are parents. Only they criticize you in the eye, and praise your eyes, and not vice versa. For parents! ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 180 pp.

9 books to get you started

9. Understand the principle

“How It Works” by David Macaulay

Why read. While you are enthusiastically working on yourself, show this book to your growing child. One of the most popular encyclopedias in the world will help a 10-12-year-old student understand the working principles of hundreds of mechanisms and devices – from the spring to the aircraft. Not necessarily he will then become a physicist or programmer. But the understanding that the most complex objects are essentially simple and explainable will certainly add confidence in his abilities.

Quote “The devices that will be discussed in the book are grouped not by scope, but by the similarity of the principle of their action. The result was quite funny: the plow is adjacent to the zipper, and the hydroelectric power station to the dental bur. ”

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2014, 400 pp.

9 books to get you started
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