7 types of women men run from

In an ideal relationship, the partner would always see us only from the good side. But in reality, he inevitably has to observe the manifestations of our worst traits. Of course, this is understandable. We live together, keep a common budget, even use the same toilet, often not having the opportunity to rest a little from each other. It’s too hard to turn to each other all the time with just a decorative facade.

But it’s one thing to simply allow yourself to be yourself in the presence of your partner, without trying to appear better than we are. And it’s quite another to unconsciously take on a role that destroys relationships. Many women do not understand how easy it is to inadvertently sabotage the development of a relationship.

Types of women who repulse men by their behavior

1. “Tyrant”

The typical female tyrant seeks to seize power in a relationship, all the while trying to “put the man in his place.” She thinks that this is how she effectively solves problems. Even if she does it with the best intentions (which is not always the case), her behavior over time begins to irritate her partner, who is tired of constantly hearing that he is wrong in everything.

By trying to control him, she does not respect his opinions and desires and, most importantly, undermines his confidence in his own competence. Next to her, he ceases to feel masculine (which is important for any man).

2. “Mom”

Such a woman treats her partner almost like a son. He does not like him, constantly worries about him, I am sure that he is always right, perhaps even chooses for him what to wear on the first day at his new job. She is constantly concerned about the emotional state of the relationship. This is a really important aspect of them, but in this case it is a manifestation of unhealthy behavior.

Such a “mother” carries the entire burden of relationships (with all the joys and sorrows, ups and downs). She takes full responsibility for herself and firmly believes that keeping relationships afloat is her responsibility. She is constantly interested in what he feels now, if everything is all right with him and if she can help him with something.

What is the problem here? First, if a man’s girlfriend or wife behaves like a mother, he begins to rebel. After all, children also rebel against their parents. Secondly, a woman should not take responsibility for raising a grown man! Even if she likes it at first, over time, discontent and mutual resentment will begin to accumulate.

3. “Seductress”

She easily lures men into her arms, flaunting her sexuality. In other words, it controls its partners through sex. This behavior destroys the relationship, as the woman manipulates the man or even blackmails him. If he wants sex, he has to obey her demands. Of course, a blackmail relationship has no long-term prospects.

4. “Lady in Need”

This story is as old as the world: a young man meets a girl, saves her from some kind of trouble or danger, and they live happily ever after until the end of their days. It sounds very simple and romantic.

Unfortunately, in real life, happiness usually doesn’t last long. A lady cannot be in trouble all the time, and a man cannot be a hero all the time. It’s too hard and simply unrealistic for both of them. In the end, he inevitably begins to annoy her helplessness.

5. “Teasing”

Almost all of us have met such persons: they love to tease, it seems that they promise something, but at the last moment they change their mind. In moderate doses, this game is not harmful, but if it gets carried away, it inevitably leads only to frustration.

Over time, this behavior inevitably creates alienation in relationships: a man feels dissatisfaction, a woman – loneliness. And both partners feel that they cannot be honest and open with each other.

6. “Accountant”

Absolute equality in relationships is important for a woman “accountant”. She considers who paid for what – literally to the penny. She forgets that a love relationship is not at all the same as a business relationship. If they do not bring joy, spiritual intimacy soon disappears, and love leaves behind it.

7. “Princess”

It is important for “Her Highness” to be admired and extolled, but love worries her much less. She dreams of becoming a “trophy” for a successful man. Thus, she not only deprives the partner of happiness (since their relationship is actually an empty “show”), but also steals from herself, losing the chance for real intimacy.

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