7 reasons why men love dating unfree women

1 lack of commitment

A woman who already has a relationship will not make claims, control every step, read sms and make scandals out of jealousy. In addition, a man can easily plan weekends, holidays and vacations at his own discretion – there is no need to adjust to someone’s schedule and personal preferences.

2 ease of relationship

Such relationships, as a rule, are easy and positive, since they are not burdened with mutual claims and reproaches. Meetings take place when it is convenient for both partners.

3.Financial freedom

You don’t have to worry about gifts for a married woman, and she will not ask for them, because then she will have to figure out how to explain to her husband where the new jewelry or gadget came from.

4. There will be no questions about the wedding

An unfree woman is also attractive for her special attitude towards men. She already has a husband or a permanent lover, she does not want to get married, and this is captivating. She is confident and self-sufficient. Most likely, there will be no talks about a joint future and a possible wedding, and therefore a man can calmly enjoy freedom.

5 open relationships

When dating a married woman, a man may have a relationship with someone other than her. The lack of commitment allows him to meet with several partners, because the woman herself returns to bed with her husband.

6.Lack of everyday problems

Couples often break up due to incompatibility in everyday life. A married woman will not interfere with her lover’s daily life and set her own rules.

No one will insist on repair or cleaning, make comments about dirty dishes and scattered things. Her own everyday problems are solved by her husband, so there is no need to help her.

7 self-confidence

Sometimes a man is attracted by the fact that a woman is not free, because this way he has the opportunity to compete. Someone chose this woman to marry and make his own, and therefore, in the eyes of a man, she becomes even more attractive and desirable.

The desire to win the favor of a woman who belongs to another allows a man to show leadership qualities, increase self-esteem and self-importance.

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