7 keys to find purpose in life


“Everyone chooses one of two approaches in life,” writes Michael Ray. – The first is the way of “children’s coloring”. You do what you are told, and in the end you get a pretty, but ordinary picture. The second approach is chosen by a few: this is the path of the artist who takes a blank canvas and paints a masterpiece. It’s more difficult, more risky, but this is the only way to make your life a work of art. “

The second way requires non-trivial solutions, a creative approach, your own view of things, the ability to go your own way. These attitudes are the highest goal – the meaning of every person’s life.

It’s easy to say, “go your own way” or “be different.” But how to do that? And how to understand what is really important in life for you? Michael Ray gives a few hints.

1. Catch the feeling of flow

“You connect to your highest goal when you wake up enthusiastic and know that you are doing something important and necessary,” writes Michael Ray. “This is the same as being in a stream: this is how they describe the moments when a person is so absorbed in his work that time stops for him, and life takes on meaning.”

Think about the last time you experienced this? What have you been absorbed in? Why did you like this activity? Are you ready to devote most of your life to it? Try to mentally return to that state. Feel the same vibrations. Think about what made that situation so special.

2. Follow daily rules

“The best way to achieve a higher goal is to start living with it,” says Michael Ray. “And the rules for every day are the best way to do it step by step.” The author suggests following the following daily postulates:

  • Do only what you love; love everything you do.
  • Do what is easy, effortless, and joyful.
  • Be casual. Be sincere with yourself.
  • Ask yourself questions: “What is my purpose at this moment? What is my intention now? “

3. Be aware and discuss your feelings.

Don’t just do anything. Be aware of everything that happens: to every action, decision, statement. Always ask yourself how they feel and what they give you. Write down your feelings and discuss them with your friends. This will help you to correctly prioritize life.

Michael Ray also recommends the following exercise. Write on a piece of paper “The highest goal for me is …”. Once you finish this sentence, discuss it with the people you care about – family and friends. “Usually when discussing this point, there are both nervous laughter and jokes, because when it comes to the great purpose of their life, people feel a kind of awkwardness,” says Michael Ray.

But that shouldn’t confuse you. Most people write one thing on a sheet (for example, “career”), and after talking with others about this topic, they understand that their highest goal is something else. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you like.

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