7 female qualities that men say are the most attractive

Intelligence and discernment

Most of the respondents answered that their heart was won by a woman with whom it is always interesting to talk. “The ability to discuss any exciting topics, listen to each other, agree or argue is a bringing together and sexually attractive quality of my wife,” Alexander admits.

It is worth considering: Your indifference to the views and interests of a man builds a wall between you. If you want to keep communicating, be prepared to learn something new that lies beyond the boundaries of what you are usually interested in.

Openness to adventure

They are uncomfortable with women who take themselves too seriously. “It gets boring when she is constantly thinking, no matter how damaged her hair and makeup, she is afraid to do something new,” says Victor. “This predictability is tiring and dampens feelings.”

“My future wife won me over by starting to surf, which I adore, and she generally skates better than me on snowboard. She boldly tries everything new, from food to travel, and I am happy that I can share my impressions with her, ”says Maxim.

It is worth considering: Men are far less worried about the flawless appearance of women than they seem. They are more attracted to self-confidence and the ability to treat life as a game.

Lack of commercialism

“I don’t mind paying for restaurants, trips and giving gifts, but if I feel like it’s taken for granted and they see me as a source of support, the person will never be my companion,” says Alex.

“It’s always nice when a woman tries to do something for me in return,” admits Peter. – Let it be a self-made dinner, an invitation to the cinema or theater. It is important that they take care of you, and not only impose responsibilities. “

It is worth considering: He doesn’t have to pay for you on every date. If you’ve just started dating and haven’t developed a close relationship, offer to pay for yourself.

Friendly attitude towards his children

Acquaintance with children is a sign of special closeness, and most men are not ready to force this moment. “One of my acquaintances, who really liked me, insisted to meet my boys as soon as possible. And although I usually follow the rule of ten dates, I succumbed to persuasion, – says Alex. – She tried to please them, to make them talk, to make them play games, for which the children were not ready. Everything looked insincere. After the third general meeting, she began to make comments to the junior. This was our last date. “

It is worth considering: Refrain from offering to get to know the children as soon as possible, let him be the first to voice it. Let the relationship with them develop at a natural pace, and do not try to educate them.

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