5 ways to deal with doubts

5 ways to deal with doubts KNOW YOURSELF

Imposter syndrome is more common among educated people. Doubts affect not only the professional sphere, but also personal life. We say: “if I go to Chinese courses, the children will be bored in the evenings”, “I won’t succeed, I don’t even have to try”, “if I refuse him, he may be offended” … As a result, the foreign language is not learned, business is not started, toxic people poison lives.

You can’t always be 100% confident, but you can learn to deal with doubts when necessary.

1. Plan your activities

The deadline is the best motivator. What seemed difficult yesterday is done quickly and easily, because tomorrow is the deadline. When timelines are far away or blurry, you can sit back and consider if you are good enough for the job. When time is tight, doubts simply don’t stand a chance.

Make plans so you don’t have time to think. Even if you do not have urgent work, finish the assignment or part of the project by an earlier date. This will prevent you from having to work at night or on weekends if your boss gives you an urgent task.

If you fear that fake deadlines will not motivate you, negotiate with your colleagues about mutual motivation. At regular meetings, make promises to each other to complete the work by a specific deadline and report back on the results.

2. Get yourself in motion

According to Newton’s first law, a body at rest remains at rest until a force acts on it. To overcome doubts, start moving, take one step to create momentum.

Imagine the worst scenario, let anxiety culminate to turn it into motivation

Do you want to write a book? Sit down at your desk, turn on your computer, create a word document, and write 50 words. It will take a few minutes, but you will feel the inner resistance weakening, giving way to the urge to write.

3. Visualize failure

Psychologist Julie Norem found that one of the best stimulants for effective performance is thinking about the worst-case scenario. Imagine the worst scenario, let the anxiety culminate, and then turn it into motivation. When you’re ready for the worst, act in ways that avoid failure.

4. Don’t be fooled by your inner critic

Sometimes we get so immersed in a negative conversation with ourselves that we begin to believe everything we have said to ourselves.

Bestselling author of successful marketing and business communication skills, speaker Seth Godin invites internal conversations to be correct and positive. He opposes uttering meaningless affirmations and stupid appeals to the universe. Say only what you know to be true.

If you don’t know what good things to say about yourself as an employee, ask colleagues for help. Write down what they have to say, and whenever you feel doubt is approaching, check the file listing your strengths.

5. Change the direction of your thoughts

When trapped in doubt, think of the people who need you to do the work you put off because of your indecision. Imagine how much better they will be when you do what you have to. Then ask yourself how long waiting for your work will affect them. Once you release the energy outward and direct it towards thoughts of others, insecurity will recede.

About the author: Sonya Thompson is a business coach and author of The Joy Within.

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