5 types of financial problems caused by psychological reasons

Emotional and psychological problems affect all areas of our lives, and finance is no exception. “Inner trouble distorts our ‘financial worldview’ and approach to spending. If we constantly subconsciously deceive ourselves in everything, then we begin to deceive ourselves in financial matters. In such a state, it is almost impossible to psychologically tune in to make money effectively, ”explains psychotherapist and coach Audrey Sherman.

We all need money to maintain our existence. Everyone needs them, there is nothing “dirty” or shameful about them. However, there are many common beliefs and stereotypes about money in society, leading to constant disputes and disagreements.

Relationships very often fall apart due to conflicts related to finances and expenses. Failure to speak honestly and openly about this topic can easily lead a family to ruin.

“Analyze your beliefs and beliefs about money. Try to understand where they came from. Are you afraid of money? Are you ashamed to admit that you love them? Feel like a curmudgeon when you have to refuse children asking for an expensive gift? All of this adds up to your “financial worldview,” recommends Audrey Sherman.

How is financial distress related to unresolved emotional problems?

1. You spend too much or use shopping as a kind of “psychotherapy”. Overspending is often triggered by the need to calm inner anxiety, relieve tension, or relieve boredom. It seems to you that when you feel bad, you have the right to “pamper yourself.”

2.You live beyond your means trying to impress those around you – neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances. Most likely, in this way you will compensate for the inner feelings of insecurity and lack of love for yourself.

3. You constantly indulge your family.who do not try to make money on their own, ask you for money, put pressure on your guilt, causing self-pity.

4. You are sure that you do not know how to handle money. This is a false belief, a cognitive bias. Each person is able to learn how to wisely manage their funds. You probably just lack confidence in yourself and your ability to make the right financial decisions. Or perhaps you do not want to take on the solution of “difficult” issues and leave them to their fate, hoping that everything will be settled “somehow by itself.”

5. The topic of money is taboo for you. You never discuss them with anyone. You hesitate to ask knowledgeable people for advice and withhold important information from your spouse or partner.

To learn how to manage your funds, it is important to thoroughly understand your financial situation and be aware of your overall life plan. What are you dreaming about? Retire early? To travel a lot? To buy a house? Save money for the education of children?

“If you realize that your financial distress is related to deep psychological problems, know that this can be corrected. You will be able to learn how to manage money without fear. You will be able, although it will not be easy, to protect your personal boundaries, preventing others from wasting your money. You will learn how to deal with anxiety and stress in healthy ways, without going into debt and credit. Having gained a sense of confidence and security, you will no longer feel the need to “catch up and overtake” neighbors and colleagues, ”says Audrey Sherman.

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