5 types of “cat lovers” according to ecologists

It seems that cats still remain true to their nature and still feel the urge to hunt. But disputes between the owners do not subside. Some foaming at the mouth are ready to defend the right of pets to at least sometimes be “wild”, while others insist with the same stubbornness that the cats get the necessary food at home and there is no need to let them kill other living creatures in vain.

In addition, for some, the sight of a dead mole on their own pillow is disgusting – they would prefer to see in the kitty “our bunny”, and not a bloodthirsty predator. Some of them have gone further – they do not interfere with pets to walk, but they put on bells or bright, bird-repelling collars BirdsBeSafe, which means: “Birds, beware”.

Given the illiteracy of the birds, it seems that the inscription serves as a consolation to the ecological conscience of the “cat owners” themselves. And if multi-colored collars do not harm cats, then the constant ringing of bells, according to zoopsychologists, has a negative effect on the sensitive hearing and nervous system of cats.

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